Spriggan Destruction Spell Pack (Oldrim Edition)

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– BIIG credit to LWatson95 and his Nature Staff Resource for the beautiful staves!

SPECIAL EDITION users: Spriggan Destruction Magic SE



My first ever Skyrim mod, behold! *fingercross*

Spell Tomes and Staves have been added that allow the Dragonborn to cast the “Spriggan Spray” spell, but with a couple twists! They haven’t been added to Wild Spriggans, so you’re safe. … For now.

There have been a couple of people I’ve seen to try and make an accessible form of the”Spriggan Spray” spell, but I never really could utilize them in combat properly because they were either limited to one hand, or they drained the crap out of my Magicka. Plus I couldn’t find the other variants that Matrons and Earthmothers use.. UNTIL NOW! 😀

Where to find?

Temple of Kynareth being sold by a female Argonian named “Lavanda.” Also accessible via Console. Follow the instructions below under the TLDR if you’re new to using the Console in Skyrim.

The Spells

Spriggan Spray, or “Swarm:”

(Novice; Concentration): Stream of Spriggan flies that deals 10 points of poison damage to Health and Stamina per second. Poisoned targets take extra damage.

Brooding Mass (NEW!)

(Apprentice; “Firebolt” type of spell): Blast the enemy with a swarming mass of Spriggan flies.

Spriggan Spray (Matron Variant), or “Matron Swarm:”

(Adept; Concentrated): Tap into the destructive healing properties of a Spriggan Matron. Release a stream of Spriggan Matron flies that steal 20 points of Health and Stamina per second and give to you. Damage affects undead.

Spriggan Spray (Earthmother Variant), or “Earthmother Swarm:”

(Master; Concentrated): Make them all kneel before the rage of a Spriggan Earthmother. Inflict 50 poison damage per second to Health and Stamina to enemies as they stagger. Damage affects undead.


I’m about to find out! Please leave a post if you do, and I’ll try my best to help or fix it. Only ones I can think of are audio aesthetics being affected, since the spells rely on Vanilla Spriggan sfx.


TLDR/Want em Now: New Destruction Spells and Staves for a Druidic Mage, have a look!

1. Press the ` key when in Skyrim to make the Console open up.

2. Type to find the object code under BOOK or WEAP: “druidic” for spell tomes, and “brood” or “swarming” for staves

3. Scroll up with PG Up/PG DN

4. Type “player.additem <objectcode> 1”


Druidic Destruction Tome: Swarm: 10 poison dmg to Health and Stamina

Spriggan Staff of Swarming:


Druidic Destruction Tome: Brooding Mass: blast of 25 poison dmg to Health and Stamina

Staff of Brooding Mass


Druidic Destruction Tome: Matron Swarm: 20 Absorb Health and Stamina dmg

Matron Staff of Swarming


Spell Tome: Earthmother Swarm (07002f9a) 50 Health and Stamina dmg +Stagger

Earthmother Staff of Swarming (0700ce1b)

If the codes above are different for you and don’t work, have the Console Open and type “help swarm” (PGUP/PGDN to scroll) Then type “player.additem <itemcodenamehere> 1”


Future Plans

– Functioning Structure: Explosive Ball, Cloak, Rune, Wall, and Ritual AOE

– Aesthetic Structure: Particle modification to match those of Spriggans.

– Other Spriggan/Druidic spells for other schools of Magic, including Call of the Wild, Spriggan Claws, Spriggan Shield, Thistleflesh, Matron Heart, or Conjure Frozen Spriggan.

– Lore/Easter egg books.

– Player homes and quests

– Counterpart to Nettlebane

– Possibility of letting the player become a Druidic “Lord:” Matron Body + Vampire Lord + Nature-ish Spells. Would make player weak against Ebony Weapons and Fire.


Recommended Mods (for the Druidic hungry players of course)

MihailMods: Lurkers and Briarheart Trees, Indrik, Old Gods of the Hunt, Druid Backpack

3jiou: Forgotten Magic Druid Spells

SpikeDragonLord: Gnarls of Skyrim

Bluearchon: Wrath of Nature

ArcZeroEssentials: Druid Essentials

LunarMagister7: Druidism: Absorb Animal Spirits

AppleOFEden: Mushroom Followers

– Spriggan Conjuration

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95892

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