Spunky Breton’s Companions II

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[font=Verdana]Thank you Toaxue for putting them together!

You did a wonderful job! She deserves all the kudos!!

I created many characters over the years and shared so many screen caps of them on my personal blog.

But now I have finished their stories, so instead of letting them fall to forgotten ruin…

I wanted to immortalize them as followers!

“Let’s start with your name..”

Kalexa Tai

Female Breton

“A young mercenary who often finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for.

No job is too boring or dangerous for her bad sense of judgement!

Even though work may take her far from home,

she still makes time to visit her Adoptive Father, Jeer-Tai in Whiterun.

Unknown to her, she is the daughter of The Spunky Breton and Ferran Volkihar”

Find her outside Stone Hills.

Courser Frostblade

Male Nord/Dark Elf mix

“The younger Twin of Xredan.

He chose to follow the path of knowledge and magic.

He enjoys collecting books on his travels wherever that may take him.

Though he and his Twin may not see eye to eye… ever; He tries his best to keep in touch.

Find him Vilemyr Inn in Iverstead.

Xredan Frostblade

Male Nord/Dark Elf mix

“The older of the Frostblade Twins.

He spends his days searching for the fate of his parents and two younger sisters.”

Find him in the Nightgate Inn

Ferran Volkihar

Male Nord

“Born on the run from Molag Bal’s daedric pets, Vigilants, vampires, and everything in between.

Ferran has become a cold hearted killer to survive.

Despite all this, he still managed to leave behind three children, Lyra, Kalexa & Zypher.”

Find him in the Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead

Ansette Brimrock

Female Nord

“A menace to taverns of Skyrim, she goes where the wind and gold take her.

Other than draining coin purses dry, not much is known about the red vixen.”

Find her in Four Shields Tavern in Dragon’s Bridge.

Elkatani En

Female Wood Elf

“A young princess who left her enter life behind in Valenwood

just so she could see the snow.”

Find her in Karthwasten

Noralie Star-Chaser

Nord Female

“A firm believer in Sotha Sil and devote follower to all his teachings.

She survived serve burns and recovered thanks to the mercy of the inhabitants of the Clockwork City.

Now she is on a mission to gather knowledge of the outside world!

Her sense of direction isn’t the best, so she might be a little lost and in need of some help.”

Find her in Shor’s Stone[/font]



Fair Skin Complexion

Real Woman of Skyrim


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Eyes of Beauty

Fine Face Textures

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TDN Horns


Weathered Nordic Bodypaint

Vanilla Warpaints Absolution

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Game of Thrones Armors

Ciri Armor

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Nero Blackstone Magician

Schwertleite Set

Gigaduex’s Armor Sets

Simple Outfits for men

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