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I was always depressed by the system of stamina restoration in Skyrim, and always impressed by the system of recovery of stamina from Dark Souls. But, at the same time, I always understood that the complete transfer of this system to Skyrim isn’t a very brilliant idea. Therefore, I decided to recreate a hybrido-like system that would take into account the merits of both games.

    Now stamina scale is divided into five uniform sections, each of which has its own conditions. Thus, stamina is replenished the faster, the closer to the value of 100%.

In addition, the following changes were made

    [*] A script add-on for the Requiem system was written from scratch. Now all melee weapons take the amount of stamina equal to its weight. The heavier the weapon, the more stamina is needed to use it.

     (Full formula: Weapon weight / (1+ (Skill / 100)))

    [*]Now, when blocking, the amount of stamina equal to the weight of the shield / weapon is taken away

    the formula is the same to a weapon attack).

    [*]When shooting a bow / crossbow, you spend stamina depending on the weight of the small arms

    (the formula is the same to a weapon attack).

    [*]Increased penalties for running, sprint, swimming, jumping, etc.

    [*]Changed the system of penalties for a hit: damage stamina – for blocking hit; slowing down the stamina recovery rate for a missed strike.

    [*]Increased Requiem penalties for low stamina, such as: increase the price of spells, reduce damage, reduce damage to a power attack. Previously, fines were imposed upon reaching 10 units. stamina. Now they overlap upon reaching 20%.

    [*]Increased the percentage of recovery of stamina in battle. Previously, it was 50%. Now 80%.

About compatibility

The mod will conflict with all other mods that change stamina recovery.


Skyrim LE, Requiem 3.0


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