Standalone Male Mercenary Alyosha

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Male Mercenary Alyosha

[font=Arial]The goal of this mod is to create a boyish, Russian or Slavic looking male character. [/font]

[font=Arial]As the product of my recent effort, here comes [/font][font=Comic Sans MS]Alyosha[/font][font=Arial], the young male mercenary. [/font]

*Attention: Usage together with Face Light is strongly recommended. [/font][font=Tahoma]


[font=Georgia]Character Info

[/font]-Name: Alyosha

-Age: 19

-Gender: male

-Class: Scout

-Essential: no

-Marriageable: yes

-Services: Mercenary, Inn Keeper and Bard

-Location: Windpeak Inn, Dawnstar


Alyosha is now working in the Windpeak Inn at Dawnstar, and has become a friend to its owner Thoring and his daughter Karita. He assists them to maintain the day-by-day issues, serve mead and wine, handle reception, and sometimes sing bard songs on requests.

Before this, he used to be a scout in the Imperial army. Walking through the forests and woods like a whirlwind, camping in the wild and hunting for living, those were the lives he knew well and loved. 

As time went by, his thirst for adventures grew with it. At a cost of 500 gold, he will be gladly to join you and his deadly bow shots are yours to command.

[font=Georgia]Install and Uninstall[/font]

This should be easy because I have packed the data folders into archive. All you need to handle are just two files: the .esp and .bsa named after “ViskyAlyoshaFollower”. Operate with a mod organizer or manually, feel free to do it the way you prefer. 



SAM Light[/url]

SAM Light Textures Add-on[/url]

SAM High Poly Conversion[/url]


KS Hairdos – Renewal



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