Star Cloth Mage LE Edition – CBBE – SoS – UUNP – UNP – BMR

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Brought to you by the power of my Delusional Mind, I give you.

:The Star Cloth Mage

In all its glory.

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The clothing comes in five parts, all of which can be put on, or taken off separately.

It also comes with Body Sliders so you can mold body types from your desires.

Look for them under
”Regrese’s Star Cloth : Female”

Features basic body Sliders for the Male SoS outfit too; Normal and Bodybuilder options are available.

Look for them under
”Regrese’s Star Cloth : Male Clothing”

A SoS option for the Female outfit is available.

Look for them under
”Regrese’s Star Cloth : Female SoS Version”

Comes in both physics and non-physics.

The Star Cloth cloak itself comes pre-enchanted with

 restoration, conjuration and magicka regen.

Argonian and Khajiit support.

:Supported Bodies:


The CBBE Body

Schlongs of Skyrim for SE


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio[/url]


The Star Cloth outfit can be found inside the Riverwood Trader, tucked away inside a safe in the corner nearest the stairs.


Q. Is there a SSE Version?

A. Yes, here is the URL.

Q. Why do you take so long to reply?

A. Two reasons; One, I’m busy. Two, I forget to check if there are new posts.


With out the hard work of Ousnius, Caliente, b3lisario, galgaroth, NifTool Team and Bethesda; with out their work, this mod would not be possible.

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