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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Starlight is both an escape from our world as well as a clean canvas

An Astral Print NPC is here, which is setup to have Racemenu maintain their appearance just like RM does for the player. Say the word and they will change to your current look, and if you like, they will wear your gear too. The player does not need to be that appearance or race/sex for theirs to be maintained on reload. With the exception of HDT hair and body overlays, pretty much everything gets imprinted. Requires being a vanilla human no tail/fangs race *for now

To visit the “Starfield” head to Gjukar’s Monument. When you visit, a replica of the Drunken Huntsman materializes around you. If you use mods that change that place, those changes will reflect here too, so it’s adaptive. This is where the Astral NPC makes their appearance. They will be at Jenassa’s favorite chair as a figure of pure void shadow

For the time being I just wanted to release this and play it by ear. There are a lot of possibilities for both cell and NPC creation. In case there might be questions I’ll be sure to check in and answer any

Requires SKSE. Racemenu as well if you want to imprint on the NPC[/font]

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