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More Followers This mod adds 10 new custom made followers to skyrim. Each of these followers was based on a character that I used in my personal playthroughs of the game.

Hard Requirements.

[/b]The Dawnguard DLC

The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam .

KS Hairdos – Renewal (male and female merged plugin version) by Kalilies and Stealthic .

Soft Requirement (Mod will run by certain NPC’s won’t follow)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul by cloudedtruth.


These are body and texture replaces I use. These are NOT required but my followers will look different if you use another texture or body.

Coverwomen by mrLenski.

Fine Face Textures for Men by urshi.

Dimonized UNP Female Body (NSFW Link) by dimon99.

Better Males (NSFW Link) by Chris57 and FavoredSoul.


New Followers and their Locations

Aberito –
A Male High Elf located in a small cottage on the northwestern most edge of skyrim (See Images for location).

Awaniki – A Male Argonian located in The Frozen Heath Inn
[/size][/size][/size]. A spellsword that wields Counterfeit Dragon Armor and weapons. Which have the looks of dragonarmor but the stats of steel armor.

Joleean – A Female Thalmor Justiciar. Located in the front entrance of the Blue Palace.

Katie – A Female Nord Warrior. Located in the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Leeanna – A Female High Elf Ghost and fallen Vigilant. Located in a ruined farmhouse northwest of the western watchtower in Whiterun hold. (See images for exact location)

Merelda – A Female Wood Elf Spellsword. Located in the Frostfruit Inn.

Morelda –
A Female Dark Elf Necromancer. Located in the New Gnisis Cornerclub.

Nia – A Female Redguard Assassin. Located in the Nighgate Inn.

Rem – A Female Forsworn Warrior. Located in The Old Hroldan Inn.

Solbine – A Khajit Brawler who Prefers his fists over weapons. Located in Jorrvaskr.

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