Starmetal Scimitar HQ Retexture

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As a longtime fan of Heavy Armory and its new Redguard weapons, I wanted a detailed scimitar retexture that would blend in with other high quality weapon texture mods. To my surprise, I found lots of scimitar replacers using brand new models and textures, but few if any detailed vanilla-compatible textures. So I tried my best to make one. This texture gives the scimitar a Damascus steel blade, an ornate bronze handle, and ivory inlay. It comes in 1024 and 512 resolutions, so pick the one you prefer. I was inspired by ESO’s “starmetal” material for Redguard equipment and by the wonderful Tasheni’s Redguard Fashion.

Disclaimer: I’m not a great texture artist, so this could definitely be nicer. But I’m proud of it, so I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless.


Anything except other scimitar retextures.

If using Heavy Armory, use a Stahlrim retexture to get nicer Redguard weapon hilts.

Your favorite scimitar replacer will still work if it loads below this.


K1 Scimitar by Kor1n

Scimitar – Damascus Steel Retexture by SassyTheSasquatch1

Starmetal Scimitar by Arduunos


You can do anything you want with this retexture, just check Kor1n and SassyTheSasquatch1’s pages for individual permissions. I appreciate a credit and link.

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