Stone to Snow – Snow Rocks

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So here we have a mod that turns all the vanilla static meshes that have snow on top of them into meshes with snow materials on them instead of the default material they use.

In vanilla they may look like snow but they dont have the correct sound as snow nor do they have footprints when you use the mod called footprints. I mainly made this mod because seeing footprints on the perfect beautiful snow is wonderful, yet vanilla lacks that. sad.

These meshes with replace the vanilla snow meshes with a copy of the mesh but with all the materials turned into snow. It should not conflict with vanilla meshes but it will conflict with any mods that touches these records in the esp making them go back to the vanilla mesh. Also these meshes are based on vanilla. nothing from mods so SMIM unless a patch is made.

These meshes take after More Accurate Collision so the collision is not vanilla at all, i kinda just speed rushed this mod and tested it a little bit. BUT i will include vanilla stairs in case the stairs are just annoying to you.

I recommend you download Footprints, thats the only reason this mod was made after all.

For your immersion i suggest you dont question why some meshes sound like hitting brick or that they all sound like snow when you walk on them now.

Now heres a video of the mod in action with todd howard as guest host hyping up this next gen tech.

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