Stonehurst Cottage – Multiple Adoptions Compatible

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Stonehurst Cottage

A medium sized player home located just outside Solitude in Katla’s farm. It features support for Multiple Adoptions with room for up to six children.

I’ve added a main armory to the first floor, along with a small armory and enchanting room located right next to the master bedroom. I’ve also placed mannequins in the armouries and in various locations in the house. There are plenty of weapon racks and plaques to display your most cherished weapons. 

There is a spelltome in the master bedroom that will enable you to teleport directly into your house from anywhere, and you can fast travel from inside the house. I’ve also set up indoor growing in the basement with around 60 planters for you to grow as your heart desires.

There is a massive amount of storage containers place all throughout the house and basement. A full kitchen and dining room.

More updates will come as I can get the time. Mostly I’m planning on decorating the interior more. Everything else is already done.

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