Stormfang – Blade of the Unending

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Massive thanks to liemertha for the in-game screenshots!

This is mod is a model replacer for the weapon Stormfang, a unique 2-handed weapon found on Solstheim.

 – The overall texture appearance of the weapon is dependent on your installed textures for the Steel Greatsword and Nordic Greatsword.

An unenchanted version of the weapon called Strunviir can also be crafted at the forge after finishing the quest “Lost Legacy“.

 – The quest “Lost Legacy” is initiated by Tharstan, an npc in Skaal Village, after finishing the quest ”A new source of Stalhrim”.

 – You can also get the weapon Strunviir where the Lost Legacy quest takes place (Vahlok’s Tomb); at the very end of the cave situated at the center of the Word Wall’s floor.

 – Crafting and Tempering requirements for Strunviir are the same as the Nordic Greatsword.


There are two versions of the file available; one that inherits USLEEP changes for the Stormfang which will be dependent on USLEEP as well, and one without.

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