Stripped Vanilla Presets for RaceMenu

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All 200 vanilla presets with hair, beards, mustaches, horns, makeup, warpaint, tattoos, wrinkles, and other detailing that you’d normally want to add after you finish with slider tweaking and sculpting removed. No shape slider or sculpt adjustments made.

All 10 Races:



Dark Elf (Dunmer) 

High Elf (Altmer) 




Orc (Orsimer)


Wood Elf (Bosmer)

Both Genders:



Personally, I’d recommend to only have the race/gender group you intend on working with installed at a time. It keeps your presets less cluttered.

I’d like to point out a funny quark I ran into with RaceMenu while making these.

If you have one of the vanilla presets that has a complexion option on (wrinkles, rashes, and the like), and load its stripped down counterpart, RaceMenu won’t deactivate the Complexion slider, and that detail will still be present. I thought I just missed a slider on one preset, but it kept happening when I went back to double check. Just start off with the very first #0 preset of a group before loading any of the stripped down ones, and you won’t have to deal with that problem.


Install them where you usually install RaceMenu presets.

For Manual Installation, I believe you take the “SKSE” folder from this mod and place it in the

“Data” folder in your Skyrim installation location.

I use Mod Organizer, and for that you put the “SKSE” folder from this mod and place it in the

“Overwrite” folder.

Recommenced Mods:

Whatever skin texture and body meshes you wish as a base.

Please note tha the elf presets probably won’t look as intended if you are using a mod like Ethereal Elven Overhaul.

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