Strong Voice Paarthurnax

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Hi there. This mod is a Tweaked version of Meeting Paarthurnax Requirements by dailyplanet

What this mod does;

Same as the original but with the following tweaks:

– Now you need 15 Absorbed Dragon Souls.

– Now you need all 10 Dragon Lair Shouts which are available in Tamriel before Throat of the World.

Animal Allegiance, Marked for Death, Frost Breath, Elemental Fury, Disarm, Dismay, Ice Form, Aura Whisper, Throw Voice and Fire Breath

Extra: (For Immersion)

– Now Skyborn Altar’s Word Wall teaches Fire Breath

– Now Sunderstone Gorge’s Word Wall teaches Frost Breath


-Extract the mainfiles into the Data folder and enable it on your Launcher

or use any mod manager.


-Delete Data/StrongVoice.esp, Data/scripts/StrongVoice.pex and Data/scripts/Source/StrongVoice.psc

or use any mod manager.

With this mod now you need to go dragon hunting to acquire knowledge to meet Paarthurnax 😀

Note: This mod doesn’t inherit the voices from the original mod, so if you want them, you must install dailyplanet’s mainfiles first and disable it’s ESP

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