Styx the Spectral Undead Wolf Companion

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I stumbled across the mesh for Spectral Warhounds, which I didn’t even know were a thing before,

and instantly thought how cool it would be to have an undead/ghost dog follower!

But why make a dog, when you could make a wolf! 😉

And you know what would be even cuter?! A puppy!

’Cause undead/ghost things should be cute… right?


Meet Styx!

She starts as a puppy, then gradually grows into an adult wolf. 


    [*]Includes an actual puppy mesh! This isn’t just a scaled down adult wolf. She will actually look like a puppy!

    [*]Gradual growth, using the weight slider system! Not just ‘poof’ you’re an adult now. But instead, it is a natural (adorable) transition~

    [*]Pause or restart her growing at any time. Options available by sneak-talking to Styx, so they’re not clogging up the main dialogue menu.

    [*]Custom behaviors! Dogs bark too much, and I wanted howling. So Styx does mostly dog animations, with idle barking replaced with howls!

    [*]Levels with the player. So she’ll always be helpful! Aside from…

    [*]Confidence and Carry Weight scale with her maturity. She starts cowardly with a carryweight of only 50. 

Shes the size of your boot, what do you expect?

    [*]Will not detect stealth, will not set off traps! Because followers doing that is just.. bad.

    [*]Essential. Because killing your companions is sad. Especially when they’re pupper dogs. 🙁

    [*]Off the vanilla follower system. She will not take Meeko’s spot! <3

Future plans?


‘Normal’ wolf version? Frosty version? Hunting system? Affection system? An expanded story?

Probably more details in the comments eventually!

No guarantees though, I’m easily distracted! 

But comments are inspiring, and I’m also always open to feedback/suggestions! 🙂


Coming soon! Although I can’t really think of anything that would be incompatible, since she uses her own system/meshes/textures.

I’ll test out some follower mods uh.. sometime soonish. Comment if you want something in particular tested!

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