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Maybe you also know a great mod Real Flying by Anton0028? Any drinker can install RealFlying mod, drink a bottle and grow a pair of wings. And he will fly! But if Succubus drinks this potion in its real form, then something strange will happen to its wings. Although Succubus already has everything to fly..

“It is unfair” – I thought and made this patch.

What it does:

If you have installed RealFlying – your Succub can fly without potions in its real form.

Besides, I decided to fix some things that annoying me.

(maybe not all players have this bugs, but if you have probably can forget about it)

– Previously, if i load a saved game sometimes the value of the jump remained high for human. Fixed.

– My Animated Wings may not appears first time, and i had to transform to Succubus form twice, to see the wings. Fixed

– Glitch when i transforming to a human, i see the wings twice. Fixed.


Highly recommended use mod manager. Be sure, that patch is AFTER SuccubusRaceLite.esp in your load order. It is important!

Known Issues:

– Unfortunately Succubus Animated Wings are not 100% compatible with Real Flying animations.

Im not experienced in animations to fix that, so you can see only gliding animation during fly.

Maybe sometime i’ll found the way to resolve it.

– If you have other mods, which changes jump height… Alas. This patch sets the default value of jumping when you are not in the form of a succubus.

– Maybe some other bugs, i dont know. This mod is alpha and WIP. You can send me bug report. Or uninstall and remove this mod to hell:)

Thanks and Credits:

saxo74 and N’Team for  Succubus Race

Anton0028 for Real Flying

P.S. Sorry for my poor english 🙂

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