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If you’re like me, you’ve travelled Skyrim and beyond for SEVENTEEN YEARS, hoping one day that you’ll find just one little bowl of sugar in a Khajiit caravan, or a drop of cooking oil secreted in an old hagraven’s gunny sack. You’ve been disappointed, no doubt. All those recipes calling for sugar or marinade have remained out of reach. Well then, let’s boil down some honey, and boil up some tallow.

With this patch, 2x Honey makes one Sugar, and 2x Animal Tallow makes one cooking oil.


Skyrim Legendary – all three DLCs

CACO 1.2


The patch should be compatible with everything. It just adds two recipes to the game based on CACO’s Sugar and Cooking oil foods.


Add this patch after CACO v1.2 in your load order.


Delete this patch. It shouldn’t cause any trouble. You will simply lose the knowledge of sugar-making and cooking-oil making, and you will be a poorer chef because of it.

Another Mod Bruma + CACO patch

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