Summon Master – Skeleton Edition (OexNerd)

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This is my first mod ever <3

I love skeletons, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you too! So, I decided to create a more deep “skeleton summoning” mod, that adds variations in a lore friendly way.

Added 8 new spell books for Skeletons and 2 for Chaurus (because, why not?).

– Skeletons:

- Summon Weak Skeleton Archer;

- Summon Weak Skeleton Fighter;

- Summon Skeleton Archer;

- Summon Skeleton Fighter;

- Summon Skeleton Barbarian;

- Summon Master Skeleton Archer;

- Summon Master Skeleton Fighter;

- Summon Master Skeleton Barbarian;

– Chaurs:

- Summon Chaurus;

- Summon Chaurus Reaper;

Added a custom colored aura on each skeleton tier:

– Blue > Weak;

– Green > Normal;

- Red > Master;

The WEAK version is located on Morthal Pier (see image);

The NORMAL and MASTER versions is located on “North Shriekwind Bastion”, northeast of Falkreath. There is a chest with the NORMAL version and the MASTER will be dropped by the necromancer.

Also, there is a new NPC on Riften’s Cemetery thats sells all Spell Books.

** The Necromancer appearance is part of the “Immersive Creatures” mod.

** The Black Bones texture is part of another mod of mine, Black Skeletons Retex[/url].

Peace! <3

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