Summon Micro-Hunters (chaurus drones)

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I don’t use atronachs or most of the other summonable creatures, because they often become obstacles and obstructions for me in fights or in the interiors.  That’s why I decided to create these little bastards. Their small size and low flight height let you make good head-shots with your bow and not waste your arrows or spells on friendly fire.

The spell-tome is located in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun (next to the shrine).

If you want to summon 2 chauruses with one click, you need the “Twin souls” perk (or some mod, that lets you have multiple summoned creatures without the perk)

I couldn’t make the Hunters smaller, because then their movement might become glitchy.

The looks and the sounds depend on your system and mods.

I recommend this mod to make your chaurus hunters look more bad-ass:

Supreme Chaurus Hunters

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[font=Comic Sans MS]SUMMON MICRO-HUNTERS (chaurus drones)[/font]

Convenient summonable creatures that create as little obstruction as possible and have both ranged and melee attacks.

Oldrim  /  Special Edition


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