Sunstarved – Tanlines for UUNP and CBBE – Racemenu Overlays

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This mod was just a fun little project of mine to try and increase the options available to people whom wish to use tanlines on their characters. This includes tanlines that will work well to represent swimwear, underwear, and clothing. Some of them were inspired by popular outfits, some of them were not. Some of the tanlines do not correspond to actual outfits, but rather just to look interesting.

16 swimsuit overlays and 6 clothing overlays! The swimsuit overlays have variants for worn and fresh versions. In total, counting the fresh and worn variants of the swimsuits, there are 40 tanline overlays! This should give you plenty of options for all your tanline needs I hope! Oh, and a Saviors Hide tanline. And this mod supports the UNP and CBBE family of bodies, just choose the file of the body you have installed.

When applying the tanlines, you will notice that at full opacity (transparency) they will look extremely bright. You will need to turn it down a great deal for them to appear more natural. You can adjust the base color slightly to reach the desired skin tone as well! Transparency can be adjusted with the fourth bar in the color selection tool within RaceMenu.

Whats planned for the future?

May potentially add some additional tan-lines in the future. For now, this mod is basically complete. 

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-Important Links-

-Special Edition


SKSE[/url] – This is required for RaceMenu.

RaceMenu[/url] – You will need this to be able to use the mod properly, as the overlays are applied via RaceMenu

-Mod Usage-

-NOTE – You can access racemenu at any time by using the “showracemenu” command in the console by pressing the Tilde ~ key-

In order to use the  mod, you will need RaceMenu[/url] installed, which allows you much more options for character customization. Inside of RaceMenu, shortly after the normal character customization options, you will find the Body Paint, section, with a list of textures inside. To select a texture to add to your character, press “T” over one of the values that show up, which will bring up a large list of all the overlays you have available to you.

 At the bottom there should be a search bar, which you can type into to specify what you are looking for. To help the user to find the overlays that will best fit the character they are using, all overlays added by the mod come with the prefix Sunstarved, and followed by the number the overlay corresponds to.

Thus, typing into the search bar in the texture lists “Sunstarved”, will narrow the search to the overlays added by this mod!


Installation is simple, simple extract the files and move the data folder inside to your Skyrim directory. Otherwise, you may use Vortex or NMM to install by choosing download with Vortex/NMM in the files section.


If you installed using Vortex NMM, or any other mod organizer, you will likely be able to uninstall using it.

To uninstall the mod for RaceMenu, you may disable the mods .esp, and or delete it and the .bsa file.

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 FaithFearRexus – Boki – Kuro89

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