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What this mod add?

A single spell (and spell book) that allows you to smelt ore into ingot(s). 

What ores does the spell target?

Any ore you have in your inventory  that translates into an ingot of the same material. Dwarven metals are also targeted according to the standard recipes.

Ore to Ingot










Dwarven Metal to Dwarven Ingot

    [*]Dwarven Scrap (Bent)

    [*]Dwarven Scrap (Large)

    [*]Dwarven Plates (Large)

    [*]Dwarven Plates (Small)

The amount of ore needed and ingots obtained are the same of the standard smelt recipes. 

How does the spell work?

The spell has a base cost to activate.That “activation” cost pays for one ingot.

If you have more ore, you pay an additional cost per ingot.

The spell processes all ores starting with the more expensive ones first.

Dwarven metal is processed after Silver, but before Orichalcum.

You continue to smelt ores as long as you have magicka left.

Experience Calculation

The spell adds 15 experience per ore you smelted to your alteration magic experience. 

Most ingot recipes use 2 ores per ingot.

For dwarven ingots, the source metal is considered as one single ore.


Q: There is no steel there….

Steel both in game/lore and real life is not an “ore”. I considered ways to add steel into the mix, but it would complicate things too much when deciding if you want to get iron, steel or corundum ingots.

Q: There is still no steel there…

Lore reason (apart of me saying just because): The Spell heats, reshapes and cools, it doesn’t mix ores. 

Q: Why did you create this mod?

Long time ago I created the spell to deal with the BS that the Arch-Mage of the College, a master of Illusion, Destruction, Alteration and Enchanting needed to go to a furnace to heat something. A few days ago I saw an overhaul to the transmutation spell on the nexus, so I cleaned up the spell and decided to publish it.

Q: So a book and a spell. That’s it, right?

The mod also contains a perk called Philosopher’s Stone that reduces to half the magicka cost per additional ingot. I had the idea of adding that to a quest, but I never finished the quest.

I left the perk in, in case someone wants to use it (I also changed the transmute spell to use the perk and to change the way it processes ore, but I am not ready with it yet)

Q: Where is the spell tome?

Maybe the people that have the transmutation tome, know something…

Q: SSE edition?

Coming soon

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