Surcoat And Tabard Armor Black Knight Series

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Black Plate version of my original Surcoat Armor Mod, featuring 13 new surcoats with boots, gauntlets, and helmets included!

They are located in the testing hall right next to the smithy.



“~” to open the console

“coc qasmoke”




The armor can be found by typing (help “Black Knight”) in the console and adding it via “player.additem xxxxx x” 


Unlike the previous original surcoat armor mod, most of these are original designs, I was inspired to make from a D&D campaign I ran.  However, 1 was inspired by Edward the Black Prince, 1 from the Dragon Standard in Outlaw King (or House Targaryen I suppose), 1 is from the city of Lviv, and 1 is an Imperial Black Knight Surcoat.

In the future I would like to include these in a dungeon and make them craftable, but essentially these are free resources that anyone may use in their mods as well!

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