Suspicious Trainers of Skyrim

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This mod adds an MCM that lets you select a value for “items pickpocketed”, beyond which trainers will become suspicious of you, and stop offering training.

It is aimed at providing balance for mods like requiem and ultimate skyrim that make it possible to pickpocket all gold paid to trainers.

This mod does not change the code for pickpocket, nor does it change the code for trainers and so should be compatible with all mods that do change them.

The slider for “items pickpocketed” can be set anywhere from 1,000 items, to 1,000,000 items.  It defaults to 100,000.

The mod updates trainers to see if they are suspicious only when the trainer is loaded.  A trainer that has become suspicious of you, will respond to a request for training with, “Too much money goes missing when you are around.  I will no longer offer training.”

There are two files available, the first for Skyrim Legendary edition, including the expansions.  The second is just for base skyrim.  Choose one file, you do not need both.

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