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New Mods LifeFox007! 

After a long break I come back! Now I’ve done a great job

The simple sweetFX of my production sat for 2 months to achieve the effect of a beautiful landscape without falling fps

I hope you appreciate me 🙂 if you think you are “too sweet” then do not download just write a comment and I will correct the next update errors 🙂

 PayPa Me. add credits 🙂 and Like mods 🙂 

I’m saying goodbye 🙂 and I’m waiting for reviews 🙂

I did something different here on the nexus. You do not need any other mods. I’m doing it all here,

you do not need to have any other ENB fashion


squeeze the ScrollLock key during the game to turn on the sweetfx quickly

just copy my files to the main game directory where the skyrim exe file is

Like Me 🙂 Add Credits 🙂

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96423

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