Take All Loose Gold and Arrows LE

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This is a port of my SE mod which can be found here

I’ve always been annoyed that you have to pick up each loose gold coin individually in Skyrim. This mod aims to change that.

When you pick up a loose gold, arrows. or gems from the world, a script triggers that detects loose gold, arrows and gems near you and automatically adds that item to your inventory. 

If using the radius, it picks up coins and arrows near you within the radius, for a set amount of time.

You can choose the radius size and time in the MCM.

If using the crosshair, after picking up a gold, arrows. or gems, when you hover your crosshair over a coin, arrow or gem, it automatically picks it up, without you having to click, which makes picking them up faster.

This also makes it so you don’t pick up clutter items you don’t want, such as bowls or plates.


For arrows added by other mods, you first have to equip them for this mod to detect them. If another mod uses script to add coins, gems or arrows to your inventory, that will trigger this mods script. This is an issue with auto loot mods, or quickloot. 



Sky UI


Extract to your data folder, and check in your load order.


De-activate in the MCM and uncheck in your load order.

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Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96389

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