Tamaska Werebear (Male and Female Werebear Mesh Replacer)

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What is ‘Tamaska’?

It’s Native American for ‘mighty wolf’.

(The first mesh replacer I made was for werewolves!)

After making a new mesh for werewolves, it was suggested that I try wearbears next! So I took a look at them and found that vanilla werebears are so… derpy looking, in my opinion. So here’s my take on werebears, tamaska-style! 🙂

What It Does

This mod replaces the vanilla male werebear model, and enables female werebears to use an alt female model!

Also includes replacements for the vanilla werebear textures, as shown in the NifScope pictures. If using werebear textures from another mod, just let them overwrite these.

The biggest feature(Is that a pun?) is the increased paw size.

Less hunch back on males, slightly, and much less on females.

Muzzles are wider, and the head a bit reshaped.

Also gives werebears a slight eye glow.

The glow can be changed in NifScope if you prefer a different color/intensity! See here for how:


The eye glow I used is very dim, and set to white.

This will make them glow but still show whatever eye color is used in your chosen werebear textures.

If you would like to make them glow brighter, or a different color(Yellow, or red maybe?), you can edit this easily in NifScope!

Open your mesh in NifScope, then find werebear_eyes, expand it, then click on BSLightingShaderProperty.

At the bottom left in the list of properties, find Emissive Color. Change this to whatever color you prefer!

Below that, is Emissive Multiple. If you would like to disable the glow entirely, set this to 0.

If you want it to be brighter, set it to something a bit higher, like 4 or so.

The higher the brighter, whichever level of brightness you prefer!

Enjoy your glowy eyes! 😀


Diverse Werewolves

Compatible and highly recommended!

Moonlight Tales 

Compatible if you disable the MT skin system, by clicking the ‘Use the Base Skin’ option under the ‘Werebear Skins’ MCM.

Any werebear textures, perks, etc – Compatible!

The only exception is the eye textures. Currently they use a custom eye texture, but you can replace this with any other wearbear eye textures by renaming the files.

I plan to make a skin pack for werebears where you can pick your own eye texture soon!

Find anything that doesn’t seem to be compatible? Leave a comment and I’ll take a look. 🙂

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