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Within this mod contains some of the work DB9s and I have been working on.

There are 27 total creatures. Multiple armors, some not completed. Some converter weapons as well.

Thanks to:

Vicn (Multiple creatures)

SpikeDragonLord (Rigging)

MihailMods (werewolf body)

m150 (weapons and armor)

TesTiger2 (Creature assets and armor)

Pfiffy (Sanguine’s armor)

LorSakyamuni (Creatures)

Cris Spiegel
(Molag Bal)

Robobirdie (Dwemer Dragon Mesh)

Lazumamqj (Lurker/ Kraken Mesh)

muppetpuppet (sload head)

[/size]CD PROJEKT RED[/url]


As I am concerned myself and Dividedbythe9s have obtained permission from these individuals, as well as these files being free to use. If there are any issues from the above individuals in the future please inform us.

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