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The continuing escapades of the Invisible Collector/Enchanting Midgets?

But of course.

What now?

The Quality of Life department at IEG thought it was a bit silly that you couldn’t fast travel directly from your house.  You had to take the time to walk to your door, endure some weird thing with pictures and words on it (which they nicknamed the door screen(1)) and then open your map to fast travel anywhere.  Really?  How inefficient is that?  Thought the Invisible Enchanting Gnomes.  They had to right this insufferable wrong.  They created a company called Lyber(2).

Lyber was a taxi service that, when an already visited point was clicked on the map,  would instantly materialise around the user, present a doorscreen and then deposit them at that point on the map, and help themselves to a pre-dertermined amount of gold.  The dragonborn, as their brand ambassador, got it for free.  They were cheaper than the carriages too.

This meant that they were now on the radar of the Skyrim Carriage and Alternative Transport association.

Oh please!  What does it really do?

There’s a flag in the houses (and most interiors) that prevents fast travel from occurring.  Quite why they decided to do this I don’t know, but it’s a pain and probably only done to increase you bumping into vampire invasions (they’ll usually attack in an area around your home).

How do I get it?

If you’re running without the Dragonborn DLC you need to download Taxi! and if you’re running with Dragonborn you’ll need to download Taxi! DB.  The non-DLC version will run with the Dragonborn DLC, but you’ll be unable to fast travel from the house in Solstheim.

Any conflicts?

Yes.  Anything that alters fast travel from interiors will conflict (well DUH!).  Aprt from that there shouldn’t be as all it does is change a flag, but MAKE SURE IT’S AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR LOAD ORDER.  This is one of those rare occasions that LOOT might not be your friend.  LOOT seems to insist on putting it high up in my load order, but this means it doesn’t work.  I’m not saying it won’t work for you after being LOOTed, but if it doesn’t work first time around or stops working, check your load order.


1 – Flies are unable to traverse past this door screen, and this is why all homes in Skyrim don’t have swarms of flies and piles of maggots in the food that has been on the tables for months.

2 – Not to be confused with the real world office application app of the same name, which neither iqoniq nor IEG have any business relationship with.

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