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The idea of this mod is to turn ordinary fast traveling into teleportation. Why? Well, I think it’s cool and very convenient. I made this mod for myself, but thought it was no problem to share with others.

This mod accomplishes that idea by changing the game setting ffasttravelspeedmult from 1 to 9999. That’s how much faster fast traveling is going to be with this mod. Of course, that means it’s still not actually instantaneous, but it’s pretty dam fast. For example, fast traveling from riften to markarth takes less than a minute in game to happen with this mod.

It also exchanges the words “fast travel” to “teleport” in the related menus and messages. The game will say “Teleport to [place]?” (just like in the image) or “You cannot teleport when enemies are nearby” and so on.

That also means that the same restrictions to fast traveling still apply (I have no idea how to change that). So NO teleporting from indoors, when enemies are nearby, while you are being pursued by guards, etc.

However, I have been using a SKSE plugin (no esp. file) that allows for fast traveling from indoors and it seems to work just fine with my mod. It’s called Traveller – Fast Travel From Indoors(SKSE Plugin) and you can get it right here, on Nexus. My mod might be compatible with other similar mods as well, as long as the game variable ffasttravelspeedmult still apply.

Installation: just drop the esp. file on your skyrim>data foulder and enable the mod with your skyrimlauncher. To uninstall, just delete the esp. file and everything should return to normal.

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