Tes3 Ebonymail Skyrimstyle

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Adds The Artifact Based on its predecessor in Morrowind to Skyrim Skyrimstyle Made from scratch (obviously) with the EXACT same enchantments as its Predecessor for both Genders.

Will Replace only through The ESP file the Vanilla Skyrim Ebonymail  so can uninstall just uncheck the .esp in your load order to revert back to the Vanilla one 🙂

           Any Ebonymail Replacers are SAFE it doesnt touch the Meshes for Ebonymail has its own Standalone meshes.

Doesn’t modify the Armor strengths or stats as in hardness of the Ebonymail but still gotta get it from Boethiah 😛

            Pictures and Videos are settings are set to yes, without my verification on this Mod and ALL my mods 🙂

I skipped a couple of request to do this one I absolutely like this Armor is why came out wonderful but will go back to working on request soon I keep track of request lol.

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Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99561

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