The Art of Magicka – Hoodless Replacer

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Art of Magicka – Hoodless Replacer

This replacer gets some of the equipment from Art of Magicka out into the world of Skyrim by substituting them in place most of the basic mage robes. It is based on Kaf3l’s Robe Replacer, but expanded and without hoods attached to the replacement robes. Hoods are excluded mainly so the effects of NPC appearance or hair overhaul mods are not obscured.

Robes are replaced using the following patterns:

    [*]College mages get robes for their main school of magic,

    [*]Blue Mage Robes (used by court wizards) with Blue Robes,

    [*]Black Mage Robes with Goth Black robes,

    [*]Novice Robes (without a magic school) with Blue Robes,

    [*]Apprentice Robes with Light Blue Robes,

    [*]Adept Robes with Lavender Robes,

    [*]Expert Robes with Mint Robes,

    [*]Master Robes with Black and Red Robes.

Necromancer Robes were already replaced by Art of Magicka itself, but that included hoods attached to the robes. This replacer removes the hoods from those also.

That should cover almost all of the mage robes available in vanilla Skyrim. Priest or monk robes are not touched. Also excluded are some plain blue robes that can be purchased from general traders.

College mages often used enchanted hoods, giving them a Fortify Magicka boost. To preserve that effect, they are instead given a runic circlet or ring with a similar enchantment. This also applies to Vigilant Tyranus, who used an Apprentice Hood. Expert and Master level college mages did not have enchanted hoods, but I gave them enchanted runic circlets anyway. The circlet or ring is randomly selected from a small list of Art of Magicka items, so it can be different for individual characters or games.

Any replaced robes dropped on the ground will now use the male Psiijic Robes model for their ground model, regardless of gender. This excludes the Necromancer robes, which use their vanilla ground models. The female robe ground model used by Art of Magicka did not allow interacting with the robe objects, so any replaced robes out in the wild needed a different ground model to allow them to be picked up.

An option to use the semitransparent “Ghost” robes is also provided. “Ghost” robes are only available for females, so males will still use the solid, nontransparent robes. A bug in Art of Magicka that caused the “Ghost” robes to display the wrong texture colors when worn by males has been corrected on replaced robes.

[font=Trebuchet MS]ISSUES & QUESTIONS[/font]

Robe Colors:

Why did I use Lavender, Mint, and those other colors? Mainly just to get some different colors out in the world beyond basic black, blue or those used on the magic school robes.


Art of Magicka is required. Version 8.1 was used to create this replacer.

Kaf3l’s Robe Replacer will conflict, obviously. The same is true of other mage robe replacers.

Special Edition port?:

I don’t use Skyrim Special Edition at this time, so I have no plans in that area. I cannot test anything there. On the other hand, this mod adds only simple ESP files, so porting should be a simple matter.

[font=Trebuchet MS]SPECIAL THANKS[/font]

A special thanks goes out to these fine folks, without whom this mod would not exist:

[font=Trebuchet MS]PERMISSIONS[/font]

Respect the permissions on the Art of Magicka page. Beyond that, do as you will.

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