The Art of Magicka – Hoods

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Art of Magicka – Hoods

Art of Magicka, a great expansion for mage based equipment, added many color variations of new mage clothing. There are a few issues with the hoods added, however. Art of Magicka – Hoods was created to address a few of these problems.

[font=Trebuchet MS]FEATURES[/font]

Hood Clipping Fix:

The hoods on Art of Magicka’s new robes do not hide a characters’ hair when equipped, resulting in the hair clipping through the hood. This looks especially bad on characters with large hairstyles. Hood Clipping Fix adjusts the hoods to hide hair and long ears that would otherwise clip through the hoods.

Separate Hoods:

The hoods included with Art of Magicka can only be accessed by wearing a robe with the hood attached. There is no way provided to use the hoods as individual pieces for mixing with other clothing or enchanting. Separate Hoods makes these hoods available as individual items. They can then be crafted at a Font of Imbuement.

[font=Trebuchet MS]ISSUES & QUESTIONS[/font]

Beast Races:

Art of Magicka has limited support for Support for Khajiit, Argonians, and Orcs where hoods are concerned. These limitations are not corrected by this mod at this time. Changing them would involve creating or editing hood meshes to fit those races, which is beyond my current skill level.

    [*]Female hoods for basic robes display as Psiijic hoods rather than Nocturnal hoods.

    [*]Vaermina and Elegant hoods display as the Archmage hood without custom colored textures.


Art of Magicka is required. Version 8.1 was used to create these add-ons.

Art of Magicka – Hoods should be compatible with everything else.

Special Edition port?:

I don’t use Skyrim Special Edition at this time, so I have no plans in that area. I cannot test anything there. On the other hand, this mod adds only simple ESP files, so porting should be a simple matter.

[font=Trebuchet MS]SPECIAL THANKS[/font]

A special thanks goes out to these fine folks, without whom this mod would not exist:

[font=Trebuchet MS]PERMISSIONS[/font]

Respect the permissions on the Art of Magicka page. Beyond that, do as you will.

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