The Bloodravens by Gman749

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Back again!  To get into the flow, Ive added three beautiful ands deadly vampire ladies who are are the ‘children’ of my other vamp, Victoria. She has designs on usurping leadership of the Volkihar clan out from under Harkon and these three loyal and zealous young women are her first steps towards that goal! She has kept them hidden from the rest of the Volkihars and has directed them to find and turn strong and ruthless individuals in the hope of creating an undead army more powerful than all other vampire clans in Cyrodiil combined. Also, to utterly demoralize and destroy their most problematic opposition, the Dawnguard..

You will find them plotting at the Nightgate Inn. Orsa and Lucillas default is Vampire Armor. Velaste’s default is Royal Vampire Armor.

Note: the Vampire armor in the screens is BDs replacer, I placed the link in the credits below. Go and support his awesome work!

BD UUNP Dawnguard Armor and Clothes by baddog

Bjin Skin by rxkx22

Demoniac Textures by regenbot03[/url]

YMMP Makeup by Yevvie

Northborn Scars by Northborn[/url]

Blue Vampire Eyes with Beast and DVA Support by Cuyima

Freckle Mania 2 by tetrodoxin

Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints by XarathosHawke

COCO Brows by Coco

SG Female Brows by hellosanta

Lok’s Eyes Standalone by lokels[/url]

Credit to all the amazing mod authors for  making this game incredible!!

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