The Continuum Gauntlet

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”Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems forged into concentrated ingots.”

This mod attempts to insert Marvel’s infinity gauntlet in Skyrim in as lore-friendly a way as possible. Since it’s no fun to just snap your fingers and win the game, I obviously had to tone the power levels down quite a bit. Hopefully it still makes you feel like an adventurer of titanic powers. 

The gemstones are hidden around skyrim and exist as wearable necklaces. When you find/steal/win/procure one, just equip it and it will grant you a spell or two appropriate for the stone it contains. All the spells do still have a mana cost, but it is fairly low, allowing you to repeatedly use the powers even during early game. 

Once you have found all six stones, (and the glove itself) they can be crafted into the fully charged Continuum Glove. Putting all six together slightly tweaks the effects of the stones, so be sure to check out their new abilities. 

It is possible to create a partially built glove by crafting together the glove with three of the stones. Use your imagination to guess which three will do the job. 🙂

I think part of the fun of this mod is learning what all can be done with the glove, so I don’t want to give away everything it can do. But I also know you want to be convinced it’s worth the effort of downloading and installing, so I’ll mention what some of the stones can do. 


INFINITE COSMIC POWER!!!! well not quite, but it does give you a hefty-damage electric spell. Constant cast like Sparks, but with WAAYY more damage.


Teleport line-of-sight. It does have a range limit, derived from Skyrim’s ability to render landscape in the distance. Good for vertical or medium-range horizontal transport. Attempt long-range teleporting at your own peril.


Adds spells to affect the hostility levels of npc’s by either raising or lowering it.


A damage spell that also soul traps.


Able to create a pretty strong defense ward by warping the fabric of reality. Has a secondary ability, investigate what it is. I think you’ll like it. 


Really, you can probably guess this one. It slows down time. A lot like the slow time shout, but without the warping/discoloration, and with an instantaneous casting time. ( (WARNING: due to glitches in the game code that I can’t seem to pin down, it can be very dangerous to use this stone with constant repetition. However, it was one of the more dangerous one, messing with the natural order and all that, so I left it be. Just exercise some restraint, that’s all I’m saying. 🙂 )

The stones and glove are hidden all around the world. Part of the fun is finding where they are. They aren’t exactly hidden, a few will be found in the course of regular play. If you find one, there’s usually a clue pointing you in the direction of another one. 

Disclaimer :

You can consider this mod a fully fledged beta. Due to the scope of it, I’m sure there is bound to be the occasional bug here and there. I’ve been working on it single-handedly for well over a year, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. 

All three DLCs are required for this mod to work. - FAQ – 


 There are a few glitches and bugs that I can’t seem to sort out, no matter how much I try. Please keep these in mind so that your gaming experience can be as pleasant as possible. 

1. Once you have the glove, do not drop it into the 3d world. It doesn’t posses proper physics, so there is a 99% probability that you won’t be able to pick it back up. I suggest console commands if you do find yourself in this predicament. Chests and containers are fine, the ground is not. 

2. Skyrim’s game engine is what limits how far the Space stone can teleport you. If you select a location too far away, and then select something in range, there is a good chance it will hop you from the nearer selection to the further one. It must be something about the command still being in a memory buffer or something. I don’t fully understand it, so please be careful.

3. I recycled a vanilla resource, which has altered it’s texture color in the base game. You only see the item once, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Something that used to be black is now gold.

4. The Time Stone. I’m not kidding guys, this one is the MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL THE STONES for several reasons, most of them tracing back to how the game physics handle the passage of time. I’m not sure what triggers the bug to happen, but you can get stuck in some sort of time displacement loop, so instead of slowing time for 30 seconds realworld time, it could be 8-10 minutes. I can’t consistently recreate the issue, so it’s impossible to troubleshoot. Just don’t go crazy with it and you should be fine. 

ALSO. Never, never, never open a book, door, or container when time is slowed down. You may die of old age before it finishes opening. 


Can you add X spell to one (or more) of the stones? 

- Can I? Yes. Will I? Most likely not. I spent a fair bit of time and testing balancing out the powers. I don’t intend for this to be an OP item, so things will likely be left where they are. 

There is a invisible area above my right hand when I equip the gauntlet!

- It is a side effect of the fact that you are only wearing one glove. The hand is technically also a glove, but it doesn’t account for muscular build or gender, since it is a hand-shaped glove.

Why does the right hand of my female character look masculine? 

- The armor set added by the mod is MALE ONLY. As I said before, it is technically a glove. I don’t have the skills with 3D modelling to create a version that mimics the female hand. The meshes were procured from another modder, and I’m sorry but I just don’t have the skill to change it. 

Your mod sucks and you should do XYZ with it instead.

- That is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. I made something that I rather enjoy and feel would add some interesting changes to the gameplay. If you don’t like it, you are under no obligation to use it. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along. 

Do you have the permission to use X?

- I am like 99% certain I do, since I wrote most of the gauntlet code myself. (with the help of a few tutorials) The only things I borrowed is the glove mesh and original textures, which I have credited below after asking the author directly for permission, and a few item displays that were stated to be openly available as a modding resource. If you think something is off, you can always PM me or comment.

How do I install this mod?

- Download the zip file. Extract it. Drop the contents into your Skyrim mods folder. The meshes, scripts, and textures folders should merge with any pre-existing ones. Enable the mod in the game menu. Enjoy.

Do I need a clean game, or can I install during a current play through?

- A clean one is highly recommended, but I suppose it might also work even if you’ve been playing for a bit. A caveat though, one of the stones is given to you as a reward for completing one of the big secondary story arcs. (Think Companions, Thieve’s Guild, College, Dark Brotherhood, etc) So if you’ve already completed the relevant one, you won’t be able to get the stone without console commands. 

Was there something else I wanted to add in here?

- Yes. But I can’t remember what it was at this time.

CREDITS : Permissions were asked or otherwise the assets were stated safe to use.

FafnirEtherion for the mesh and original textures used for the gauntlet.

I suppose as a failsafe, I could tell you where to find stuff. Only read if you want to cheapen the treasure hunting aspect. Knowing is only half the battle. 😉

The Glove- 

Stendarr’s beacon way to the southeast. The stones can be added at the skyforge

Become Arch-mage of Winterhold. The stone is a quest reward

Pass the Trials of Kagrumez in Solstheim

Talsgar the Wanderer has this one. Good luck finding him 😉

Stop Potema from returning. It’s in a satchel next to her skull

The aether box is in the Windhelm museum, but you’ll need to take it to the aetherium forge to get the necklace out

Put on the wood mask in labyrinthian. It’s on a pedestal opposite the dragon mask stand

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