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Welcome to the Custom Voice Resource!

Here in this resource are brand new voice types that will enhance your Skyrim experience. There are over 100 lines of dialogue per voice type and well over 1000 lines from all voice types!  The files are in WAV format. They are not plug and play, they will require to be added to a follower of your choosing via Creationkit.

Permissions of Use: 

Supply credit link back to this page so that others may utilize this resource. 

Please do not edit the dialogue to make new sentences/words/sounds.  Pitch changes are allowed.

Credit the voice actor of the voice set you use and this page in your credits section.

Thank you.


Dialogue Writer: Kerstyn Unger

Voice Actress for Female voice types: Kerstyn Unger Twitter Ko-Fi Youtube

Voice Actor for CHARMING: Christian Gaughf

Voice Actor for PURE/LILAC: Mr.Bromin SubStar Ko-Fi Youtube

Voice Actor for JADED/DAGGER: Blue Jei Twitter Ko-Fi

Voice Actor for TRADER: Jonas Fresh Twitter Ko-Fi

Voice Actor For HANSEL: Kris Parker Twitter Ko-Fi Youtube

Voice Actor for IMP: MGame Twitter Ko-Fi Youtube

Female Voice Types:









Example Audio for SALTY

Example Audio for SWEET

Example Audio for ROSE

Example Audio for THORN

Example Audio for TEMPEST

Example Audio for MERCHANT

Example Audio for GOBLIN

Example Audio for GRETAL

Male Voice Types:








Example Audio for CHARMING

Example Audio for LILAC Example Audio for PURE

Example Audio for DAGGER

Example Audio for JADED In-game framework available now & on SSE

CVR Player Voice Sets Available Now[/url]

Followers Available

Sahra The Pirate by damakarmelowa & SSE Version[/url]

Lilissa The Druid by damakarmelowa & SSE Version

Markus The Knight by damakarmelowa [/url]& SSE Version

[/url]Shalahad the Reaper by Liadys

Ariella by Kittyness & SSE Version

Seductress Faye by Xiderpunk

Beatrix by Taoxue & SSE Version

Xyviona SSE by ratBOY68

Nylvalyne SSE by ratBOY68

Kaelyn Tsai by sp4rkfist & SSE Version

Amethyst by THEpsyco44

Xanthe by ratBOY68

[/size]Tyas Wulandari by sp4rkfist & SSE Version

Sorsha the Ember by sp4rkfist[/url]

Dana’Ka & Sisters by WarMachinex0

Fallout 4 Followers

Zoey by Gaming4lif3

James by Gaming4lif3

Jennifer by Gaming4lif3

Chloe by Gaming4lif3

Bella by Gaming4lif3

Gemma by Gaming4lif3

Misc Section

– The Paarthurnax Dilemma : Delphine’s Lines –[/size]

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