The Dragonbone Cuirass Artifact

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1. Adds STANDALONE Artifact from Morrowind but SkyrimStyle Curiass to you game found in The Chest behind General Falx Carius on Solstheim, for Both Genders ALL races and is like it was in Morrowind the Strongest Cuirass in the Game.

2. It doesn’t match any Bonemold or Dragon Armors in Skyrim because its a ANCIENT artifact and resembles the Color of Predecssor Model in Morrowind as far as coloring is concerned.

3. So go get your armor and enjoy FYI if anyone has ever played as a vampire in Morrowind you know why its a must have LOL

4. Pictures and Videos are set to yes, without my verification on this Mod and ALL my mods 🙂

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