The Elder Scrolls Online’s Gear Set Imitated

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A Papyrus script imitating the “item sets” of The Elder Scrolls Online, which is defined as

“..a number of item sets which grant bonuses based on the amount of items equipped of the same set.”

– ESO Academy, Item Sets in ESO[/url]

Legendary Edition and Special Edition Nexus Mods pages of this resource are identical and present only to expand reach.


Ebon Re-Armed

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    [*]Create items or determine existing items as Set Items. Items where more than one of which can be equipped (such as being equipped only in a hand and not both, as opposed to two-handed items): create a duplicate. It is recommended to add to the duplicate’s name a

    suffix, prefix e.g “Offhand”, or change to an entirely different name. 

    [*]Include the Set Items in a FormList, which in turn shall serve as Set List.

    [*]Create spells or determine existing spells as Bonuses.

    [*]Include the Bonuses in a FormList, which in turn shall serve as Bonus List.

-> Bonuses are granted by the order of the Bonus List, according to how many Set Items are equipped. from index 0 to greater. The index numbers will be referred to as Stages.

-> Each Stage of the Bonus List is either a spell or a FormList of spells; the latter enables each Stage to grant multiple Bonuses.

-> Twohanded items (items that are equipped with both hands) counts as 2 Stages.

    5. Create a Global Variable, which shall serve as the minimum amount of equipped Set Items of a particular Set List, as Minimum Set Item Count.


    [*]Attach the Papyrus script to each Set Items of the Set List.

    [*]Fill the properties:

Effects -> Bonus List

Set -> Set List

MinimumItemCount -> Minimum Set Item Count

WeapTypeBattleAxe -> WeapTypeBattleAxe

WeapTypeBow -> WeapTypeBow

WeapTypeGreatsword -> WeapTypeGreatsword

WeapTypeWarhammer -> WeapTypeWarhammer

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