The Flamekeeper – Flamebringer Addition (Boots)

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Basemod: The Flamebringer

Add-On 1: Flamebringer Tattoo

Add-On 2: The Flamekeeper

The Flamekeeper are anciant Boots sealed on a shrine awaiting a worthy owner, who is breaking the seal and own its anciant power. 

Just mouthtelled tales are known about the Flamebringer. That ancient evil firespirit created through Alduins first Firebreath. The Flamebringer was terrorizing Nirn for centuries and threatened to devour the entire world in his flames.

Wherever the Flamebringer appears on Nirn, fire and death are the results. Until one day, a hero appeared: He was a Nord – but his name is long forgotten. A master of toungues; a Dragonborn. He slayed the beast but was not able to kill it, so he forced that evil ghost into her Bones and stabbed his blade through his skull into a rock. Also his armor was influenced by the Flamebringer – so he left them back. Next to his Sword.

Like the blade, are the his boots used as seal and prison for the might and power of the Flamebringer and inhabits a part of her evil Ghost. Tales tells: One day a worthy Hero will appear, he will pull the blade out of the rock, claims the Armor for himself, dominate the Flamebringer and earn the might to save Nirn from a far more dangerous evil. But until now no one was able to claim the sword.

– Level 1: Soulgems recharge your weapons 25% more.

– Lockmelt: Apprentice

– First word of the Flamebringer Shout –

The shout deals 40 points of Firedamage and has a 3sec global shout cooldown. While Sneaking you are able to melt locks with your Voice see: “Lockmelt: – Entrys”

- Level 2: Power Attacks cost 15 points less.

– Lockmelt: Adept

– adjust First word of the Flamebringer Shout –

Adds a 2 second Soultrap debuff to the first word of the Flamebringer-Shout. The Flamebringer splices soul from flesh and if you kill your enemy between 2 seconds you can cath his soul into a soulgem. Colorfitting Soultrap.

- Level 3: Power Attacks deal 15% more Damage.

– Lockmelt: Expert

– Second word of the Flamebringer Shout –

Adds the second Word of the Flamebringer Shout. It deals 60 Points of firedamage. While sneaking – your 2nd word can disarm your enemys with a global shout cooldown of 5 seconds.

- Level 4: Reduce incoming damage by 10%.

– Lockmelt: Master

– Third word of the Flamebringer Shout –

Adds the third Word of the Flamebringer Shout. The third word calls the powers of the Flamebringer as physical Armor to protect you (for one Minute). While you are protectet, your third word changes to a powerful shout that deals a heavy amount of firedamage and can call Dragons to the ground (but reaches not so far as Dragonrend does) with a global shout cooldown of 10 seconds.

Your 2nd Word (standing, not sneaking) can cause your Enemys flee from combat.While your under Flamebringers Protection: All your Flamebringer-Words deal additional Firedamage.

- Flamebringers Protection

The third word calls the powers of the Flamebringer as physical Armor to protect you (for one Minute). In this one minute you get 500 Points additional defence-rating while your Health, Magicka and Stamina are fortified. You will conjure the Armor within a painless explosion, that knockback surrounding Targets. While your under Flamegringers Protection: Your 3rd Word Shout changes (See above).

Female  Bodyslide-Files in Maindownload included.

Armor could Clip with Bodyarmor’s or Gloves depending on what you’re wearing. Tested and adjusted to Thievesguild-Armor and Nightengale-Gloves.

Females can adjust the Armor simple via Bodyslide-Sliders. Males can adjust the Armor with Outfit-Studio if needed. (Check Youtube for Tutorials)

I setted the armor a bit wider to avoid clipping issues so good as possible.

The Armor uses the FX (61) Biped-Slot.

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