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The six follower’s will use the same body type as your character, be it UNP, UUNP or CBBE also your textures. This method has a less impact on your game and saves you having to change the meshes to suit your game or bodyslide armor’s to fit the characters. Naturally the textures you use will have an effect on the looks of the characters some subtle others not so. The textures I used in the pictures are from Darren Stone, who graciously gave me permission to use them.

This mod comes with a link type follow system tutorial on how I have achieved the daisy chain effect of follower following follower. This is without the use of packages or scripts and allows for the followers to follower a designated leader in the group. To simplify it, 3rd follows 2nd, 2nd follows first. I have gone into a much more in depth explanation in the tutorial of the things this method can and cannot do. You will find the tutorial inside the followers mod.

There are two new followers Hope and Sartra plus a revamp of Skye, Faith and Kandice leaning much more to what I like as they come from my game, Fury has no changes, but she goes where ever Faith does.

Faith – Leader – Combat class- Shield Mage

Fury – combat class – two hand specialist

Kandice – combat class – Ranger and one handed
……You can find them at the Alchemist Shack between Helgan and Ivarstead.

Sartra – Leader – Combat class- Shield Mage

Hope – combat class – two hand specialist

Skye – combat class – Ranger and one handed
……You can find them over the bridge by the water front at Solitude’s side entrance.

Starting level of all the characters are 6 to 200 and best played at Master level for a more balanced play through.


The preset picture shows all the requirements they need to look like I have them. Each one has there own 7zip file in the download optional section.

Preset Instillation
: You can install this into your skse preset folder via the file, as it has the correct pathing, I use MO and have a preset folder which I merge this 7zip file with. Just copy the name of your preset folder to this file during installation and merge when asked. Or you can manually drag and drop into the corresponding file paths of your preset folder.

Once that is complete go in game ~showracemenu and follow this to get them like the pictures. First pick female then race Breton, set body weight to the size stated of the preset character, then go to head type and pick Citrus head type in the slider bar.

Go to sculpt, load up the file in sculpt, keep an eye on the eyes when you initiate the preset as racemenu has a bad habit of bulging the eyes or moving them off center. If this happens gray out the history of the load and load again until the eyes are centered as I have them. Now navigate to the preset tab and load up the J.slot file of the same name if you have all the dependencies then they will look like the pictures after loading this file.

You can change the eyes and hair to your liking.[/size]

Change Process: Do any changes after completing the instillation.

Eyes and Hair can be changed in the set up, I’m a firm believer of individuality so I don’t expect everybody to keep them looking like I have them. Each to there own. But be-warned do not use the sliders to change the eyes, nose or lips shape or you will be left with a mess. These are hand made in sculpt, not picked from the selection racemenu has to offer. The brows have been reformed to fit snug to the face in sculpt, if you decide to change those you will have too fix the clipping of the new brows you choose.

If you decide to change any that I’ve suggested, then make a new save with a new name, so you still have the original files to go back too. Just press F5 on your keyboard while in sculpt click in the name tab and write the new name and save.  Do this for each section, sculpt main and preset, then preset tab for the Jslot file, (All same name). If you use MO then you’ll find your saves in the overwrite folder, file paths already set so open the overwrite folder and drag and drop into your SKSE preset folder, when asked merge.

Go in game and load up your new saves the same way as the install process and make a permanent game save and you’re done.

The armors and weapons used in the pictures are not included in the mod.

[Dint] Dark Knight BDO v1.4


BDO Gotha Rensa Female Armor UUNP

Lind’s Marksmage Garb

Rogue Couture Mashup UUNP HDT BodySlide

After School Outfit UUNP HDT


C5Kev’s Lady Revenant Revisited UUNP

C5Kev’s Sexy Rose Armor UUNP

C5Kev’s Yowza Yowza Yumiko UUNP

For all those who like my mods, thanks and enjoy… If you don’t like them, do you really think I have to know, enjoy the time I’ve saved you and keep motoring.

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