The Hound’s Helmet

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Sandor Clegane’s Helmet from the GOT series. Ported from the SSE mod by ScarecroOw, With his permission.

You can craft the helmet with the advanced armors perk in the smith or add it via console or using the AddItemMenu mod.

The helmet has the same stats as the Steel plate helmet.


[/font][font=Arial][font=Arial]Sandor the Hound Cleagane follower[/font][/size][/font][font=Arial] by Pentacrow

Game of Thrones Armor Compilation by donker316[/font]



The author of the 3d model Choges Craft Channel

The asset from the author is in this link Sandor Clegane Helmet[/font]

[font=Arial][font=Arial][font=Arial]The mod for SSE can be found below and was made by[/font][font=Arial] ScarecroOw (thanks again for making my request)[/font]


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