The Inheritance

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Name: The Inheritance

Version: 1.0

Date: 31.03.2019




Find some fine eqipment in a chest in the room you’ll get in the College.


One day, you get a letter from your long dead parents. You don’t find out, who the sender is.

But the letter is sealed and adressed to you with an inheritance: You get the promise that you

will find some fine and unique equipment in a chest you’ll find in the Mage College in Skyrim.

Good wishes and the hope, it will help you in your life and the key for the chest. That’s it.

So you take your way to Skyrim to find this college and, right, get caught on your way…

When that procedere is over, you’ll have to find your way to the Mage College and your inheritance.

You’ll get some fine weapon. And a unique ring that enables you to walk on water! I ever wanted to do

that in Skyrim but never found a spell or enchanted item, so I did it for myself 🙂

And, right, it is high grade cheating but fun LOL.




Paste the archive into your Skyrim Mods Bash Installers folder and install it with Wrye Bash.

Or extract the archive into your Skyrim Data folder.



Uninstall with Wrye Bash or extract the archive once more into your Data folder, click yes if

asked to overwrite the files and delete the now marked files.




Thank’s to Bethesda, and all those, that have been writing creation kit tutorials!

Have fun!

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