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[font=Trebuchet MS]Hey there people of Nexus mods, this is a part of my Legend of Zelda followers pack. This time it’s Midna in her True form from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. After a few years I’ve finally finished my Midna preset and follower for release after numerous requests to upload her.. a few years back in the beginning I was playing Skyrim and had a blonde haired Nord that I made and she resembled Midna quite a bit and I noticed it later on, so I ended up turning her into Midna. Then used ECE and worked more on her face, then exported her into Racemenu and used several mods.. then added the finishing touches. After a few years working on her off and on, flash forward to now I felt pretty happy and this new year I think she is mostly finished. I kept getting requests to upload her so here she is! Now people please appreciate the work and please stop asking me when I’m gonna upload her! She’s finally here! 

Have you ever wanted to play Skyrim as the Twilight Princess? What about exploring the game and having Midna accompany you just like the good old days of Twilight Princess.. Well you can.. in fact you can do both if you wanted. 

Will you make more characters from Zelda?

Yes, I already have uploaded some of my presets and have followers.. of Ganondorf, Link, Dark Link, Princess Zelda and many more. I also make NPC replacer mods. TBA

Do you take requests?

Ahh, maybe… depends if I like the request or not. I’m kinda open to it… so a big maybe. If I say maybe then maybe, if I so no, then no means no..

Future Plans are to upload my other followers, possibly add for Midna alternative robes which are like longer robes that go over these ones and cover her whole body well not really but I say they do so you can believe that they do and just pretend with me, been having issues with developing those however, the textures look more like they could be Zant Robes instead of Midna. And her hood which will go with these robes, surprisingly the hood looks prefect imo, the layer robes need work.. Royal Layer robes use the mythic Dawn Robes mesh and textures, Midna’s standard robes are a modification of Nocturnals robes, and her hood can already be accessed via console commands though it matches her Royal robes and not her normal ones so it would be mismatched so I don’t recommend using it until I have the other robes finished… if I get them finished, that is. 

I may also hire an actress and put her on a custom framework later who knows, and may make Midna taller, as in game of TP she is incredibly tall like an Amazonian haha. 🙂

How to To play as Midna? 

See below where I talk about the bodychange mod, and list full steps under credits. Oh and Skin and outfit both have glow maps added meaning the clothes glow. 

Why is Midna wearing a blue bra in some pics while a black one in others?

Its because I made the blue bra first but decided Blue didn’t look the best for Midna and black would be more fitting, so I later made the black one. The blue one will likely come with my Princess Zelda follower instead.


Why is she not 100% accurate to the real Midna?

 I made her in my own style, with that said I wanted her to be how I envisioned her to look in Skyrim’s world. I know she could probably be better but cut me some slack.. She is still pretty good and has a face similar to the original Midna. I may continue to update her still who knows. [/b]

Note:  I will not tolerate negative comments, if you don’t like my work that’s completely fine, not everyone likes the same things and I totally get that.  Just don’t leave me rude comments. I spent alot of time working on her and I don’t get paid to make make mods, constructive criticism however is fine, please be respectful if you do and at least give me some positive feedback with it as well.. And I may take what you say into consideration. Positive comments are always welcome, insults, name calling and any rude feedback will be removed and reported to staff you have been warned. 

Anyway… Comments are welcome, oh and feel free to share your pics with me! Midna wants you to share pics of her! The more pics you share the more Google will list her in searches  so it actually helps! 🙂


Simdrew1993 for the custom textures work, face, clothing textures and editing to make everything work.

Sims Modder JulieAlesha 

For creating some of the textures I was able to edit and heavily modify to work with the Skyrim female body and make my own textures out of them for my own projects. Thanks for all your work! I was able to accomplish a lot using your textures as a base, before making my own out of them entirely. 

Here’s a link to her page: 

Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1 and the ECE Team[/url]

If you plan to use my older midna preset from before I started using Racemenu, then you can. There are both ECE and Racemenu versions for the preset. ECE version is not uploaded yet, If Racemenu and ECE are both installed the presets likely will not work. One or the other must be installed.. My original early version of ECE Midna is actually pretty so you may like her. I’ll possibly add an updated version of ECE’s later and try to make her somewhat similar to the current Racemenu version. Maybe 😉

Racemenu by Expired6978

For my Midna preset she just uses Racemenu now with the ECE head imported into it and then modified in RM, and doesn’t require ECE. Although I will have an ECE version for download. 

Maevan2’s Eye Brows by Maevan2

I used the black eyebrows to go with Midna’s hair instead of using default red eyebrows.. a very clever idea I had and absolutely made a difference.[/url]

Linds Human Eyes by Lind001 – LindsWorkshop

I really like their work, these eyes are absolutely beautiful! I gave midna her own set of these eyes, and then slightly modified the standalone textures a bit for Midna to add more yellow to the sclera only slighly. just a small change only for Midna and will not effect anything else.

Woman of Skyrim Female Textures by zzjay

Probably my all time favorite female textures replacer mod, I just love the way it looks.. before I used JulieAlesha’s custom textures and modified them to make my own, I used this skin, and now Midna uses a custom skintone which is a successful merge of everything..and thsi new custom skintone is standalone,  unique only to Midna. I couldn’t be happier with the results. For player characters and npc’s the WOS skin looks pretty amazing!

For the player character she used the UNP version and then the WOS Vanilla and UNP Nevernude patch, I think I also used the WOS Less makeup version, for a more natural look on my females including my Zelda. Not all of my females use the same mods though. If you want to play as Midna and don’t want to download any custom body mods or replacer I do have a solution to using all my mods without overriding your own. 

Better Makeup for SKSE by Diethardt

I used High Res Female Face Makeup for SKSE for my female characters and it looks great I installed this after I installed Woman Of Skyrim and any other makeup mods. 

KDCireclets Redone by zzjay

Midna uses her own modified version of zzjay’s textures, and has her own unique circlet for the follower. 

Male Cleric Armor by NULL9 and Syndharos

I used some of the glowing lettering textures that were on the clothes of the Male Cleric Armor, modified it and it’s color to be more like Midna’s glow color, added glow maps to Midna’s clothes and applied it to her robes. Gotta say it turned out pretty great! Love the futuristic aesthetic this armor gives vibes to, almost like an other worldly or Tron type feel. When I saw the glowing letters on it I immediately knew Midna has to use this, to give her that alien other worldly feel. And sure enough they allowed permission! YAY! When talented mod makers allow asset use permission like this it really allows mod makers like me to create many many projects so thanks guys!

BodyChange by ElPsyCongrooANK[/url]

Here’s how to To play as Midna, with her skin and body without overriding your textures

Now what this mod does is adds an mcm menu that you can actually use custom bodies and textures.. since Midna uses her own custom body shape and textures and is a Nord you can use this mod to play as her… otherwise playing as her would not have her custom skin otherwise.. Highly recommend it! So much fun.. Just download this mod, then download my Midna Body change mod, and install it after you install this.. then launch the game, start racemenu, and load Midna’s preset, confirm. Then pause the game and go to MCM settings and click on the set where Midna’s custom textures are all at and then you can play as her. I’m telling you it’s a blast to play as Midna, what started as my initial mistake of a creation become a wonderful project and the follower is highly requested all over the place. It’s why I’m uploading all of this. 

Nintendo for creating the real Midna and The Legend of Zelda, otherwise this work would not exist and i’d care less, so thanks. 

Bethesda for creating Skyrim.. Probably one of my most favorite games of all times. Along with Fallout 4. 

And anyone I may have missed though I’m pretty sure I got them all… about 99.8 percent or so lol. 😀

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