The Manor of the Pets

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Adds a huge manor with many pets (cats, dogs …) and their masters ! The DLC Dawnguard is required

This mod is a merging (and a significant improvement) of my mods (With also new creatures: New House Cats, Wolf Cubs, Thylacine, Maned Wolf … ):

Repopulate Skyrim with Dogs Kara’s Felines WARNING: If you install The Manor of the Pets, you must uninstall these mods

The Manor is located at the West of Whiterun (look at the screen). Priority being given to the movements of animals, the decoration is reduced to a minimum ! (there are no stairways between the floors, in replacement you have the “lifts”)

Important note: If you want the same remarkably decorated manor, you have the Jokerine mod Watersong Manor

HORDES of Animals with the scrolls

KARA in the Manor. Now open up your inventory, navigate to “Scrolls” and there they are. You throw them and when they hit the ground they hatch into Animals …

ARMIES – MOUNTS – FOLLOWERS with the books

You can find the 28 “Spell tome XXXX” with KARA, SARISH, RIKA and DAR’KHAT-DO, (In the Manor)

You can easily DISMISS when you want with 3 other “Spell Tome: Dismiss XXX”

You can put in your Skyrim.ini ( user / my documents / my games / Skyrim ) the following settings (you can copy / paste the following):








These settings allow you to see all mounts correctly, whether your character takes his weapon out or not

COMPANIONS (House Cats and a Wolf)

You can only have one Follower at a time: if you want a different one (in my other mods), you need to dismiss the first one before you recruit them.

If telling the follower to return at home (With message: “Your companion heads home”) doesn’t dismiss him, or if you have lost the active Follower, you can try this:

Type “²” or “`” or “~” key to get into console, and type:

set playeranimalcount to 0

With Amazing Follower Tweaks , or other mod with followers, if problem to dismiss the followers, you can uncheck this mod (AFT or other) in the Data Files when you launch the game

If problem with the Dialog Box of the followers/ companions (Wait – Follow – Trade – Favor – Dismiss) you can also enter / exit a house or make a fast travel


Tamira for the Manor in Strotis Manor Resource

Mihail for the Lynx, the Smilodon and the Cheetahs in Lynxes Cheetahs and Smilodon- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons – megafauna) , for the Dusk Panther in Daedrats and Dusk Panthers- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons- azura- eso) , for the Wolves in Wolves of Cyrodiil – Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons – wolf) , for the Wolf Cub in Wolf Cubs- Elements of Skyrim (mihail immersive add-ons- animals) , for the rats in Sewer Rats – Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons) , and for the House Cat in House Cats- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons – pets- witcher) (Also CD PROJEKT RED for the Witcher and LorSakyamuni to convert the cat)

PanPi for the 4 new textures of the House Cats (Dark Brown, Spotted, Ginger, White)

RoboBirdie/Berkian for the Thylacine and the Maned Wolf in New Creatures

Flatline42 for FC Kara the Pathfinder (“You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me”)

HISSSSA for the Meshes/textures of the Dogs in his mod


Blog of Hissssa [/url]

Aenkill for the textures of the different colors of Huskies (Brown,Grey,Alternative Grey,Pale Brown,Dark Brown,Black) in his mod Husky HD Recolor – Bran and Sceolang replacer (“You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me”) (+ the team: MangoMonkey “Unique Huskies Patch” and fix for “No Armors” mod; Edg3k tongue texture; Proxe eye texture base).PlagueHush for the retexture of the mod of Aenkill Husky 2k Variants – An Automatic Variants Package “With Aenkill’s permission I’ve repaired the alpha channel holes in the original textures, darkened the glowing white of the husky undercoat to something a little more realistic (and that works better with ENBs)” (“Just give us both credit”)

cansu for the texture of the German Shepherd in his mod GermanShepherd (“you can use it anyway you like”)

The mesh of the new German Shepherd is from kgleaton01 in his mod Judah Working Dog

tumbajamba for the mesh of the New Armored Husky (« i decided to upload all my unreleased mount models as a modder resources ») in his mod Armored SabreCat Mount

LorSakyamuni for the « Statues » of the Dogs in the mod The Witcher 3 Monsters and Animals Resource Pack (“You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me”,“Pack containing a lot of monsters and animals included in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All the original assets belong to CD PROJEKT RED [/url] and are distributed with their permission. Feel free to use them, just remember to credit me.”)

Tedix for « Dar’Khat-Do » in Dar’Khat-Do

Shiva182 for « Sarish » in Sarish A Male Khajiit Follower with Saerileth for Khajiit Hair and jimtownirish for « True Eyes » («You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission or crediting me »)

MoRZiLLo and Renamon for « Rika » and « Tali » in Khajit Female Marriage (« You can use at your own MOD or whatever you create without my permission.It’s totally Free »)

Free sounds : universal-soundbank[/url] – Sound Fishing lasonotheque [/url] – soundbible [/url] – freesfx xeno-canto[/url]

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