The Manowarrior Sword

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I never planned to make this as mod really. I just wanted to test some new things, but it turned out better than expected, so I decided to make a mod from it anyway.


A unique sword to Skyrim. The sword has base dmg of 11 (if I’m not mistaken) and has a shock enchantment dealing 35 dmg. The sword cannot be disenchanted (at least in theory). It can only be found at Bleakwind Basin. It is hidden somewhere within the area. 


Use a mod manager or simply drop the data folder from the archive into your Skyrim folder.


Use a mod manager or manually delete:





Big thanks to Blender, what a great program!

Substance Painter. Beautiful textures 

To Nexus and all of you guys, nothing will be possible without you!

Also big thanks to my sis who draw some stuff which I converted to normal map details. Love you sis.

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