The Mermaids Of Skyrim

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About Mermaids:

Mermaids are one of a number of legends known since antiquity. Either you have seen one and believe, or you haven’t and you don’t. As far as game lore goes, some TES sources talk of an underwater Altmer race or ascribe that description to the Dreugh, a weird crab/fish/humanoid species. However, these mermaids are based on my vision of the classical descriptions – those of beautiful and vexing sea creatures. Other descriptions of them have not been nearly so kind, but it is entirely possible that there are many different species of mermaids. Besides, one need only look at the human race to see extremes of “beauty” and “ugliness”.

They are typically very shy creatures, but they have a natural curiosity towards their land-based cousins. They can generally be found around shipwrecks that litter the northern coast of Skyrim. Many believe them to be the CAUSE of the ship’s misfortune, and many a missing sailor’s demise. Whatever the case, these mermaids, while shy, are all friendly to humans. If you do manage to approach them above water, some of them will follow the Dragonborn if asked. Some, from keenly observing human interactions, will even recognize the Mara amulet and propose marriage. While following you, they can be given human clothing or armor – which causes them to transform into fully human form.

There are a couple of mermaid families in the game. I imagined them to be somewhat like salmon – they seek out a specific fresh water location for spawning and to rear newborns. No spoilers – you just have to find them. They tolerate your presence but will otherwise ignore you. I also placed some Easter eggs – multiple characters from a well known story and movie. They are in the game for discovery and entertainment purposes only, they won’t follow, etc.


The bodies are based on the beautiful work of coco. Without her work and generous permission for use, this mod would not exist. I modified the tail meshes in Outfit Studio, using sculpting and scaling tools, to make different sizes, shapes and fitments. The upper female body is UNP/UUNP-based. The shells on all females are part of the body mesh, and not clothing, on purpose. I don’t want this mod tagged as adult – It’s meant to be whimsical and light-hearted. While UNP-based, females will work fine with CBBE clothes and armors – except the skimpy variety. This is because CBBE uses a different texture mapping than both UNP and the default body. The male body is based on Better Males, and is compatible with any male clothing or armor.

They will use standard game swimming animations, but this is not really the best solution. Go here for a much better option. On land they have a goofy single leg walk as you would expect when they are “naked”.

———————————————-SE VERSION IS HERE[/size][/url]————————————————[/size][/size]


Mermaid All Bodyslide

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Better Males

Dimonized Female Body


The Eyes Of Beauty

KS Hairdos



Baby Mommas

Adorable Face (google)

Fair Skin

The Pure


SOGGYnoodles for the tail texture rework, suggestions and testing

ROS for clothing that I modified for Prince Eric

Mermaid Project for the optional swimming animation. I did the port to SE.

If I forgot anything, please let me know.

Thank you all!


Q: This mod is all wrong. TES lore says that….


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