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I wish Bethesda had done this long ago…

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[font=Times New Roman]As mentioned above in the introduction, this mod is about balancing the different shouts and their user’s spellist, creating lore-friendly experience along with providing missing voices for the various shouts for the different NPCs.

The Mod is divided into various sections. In each section I would cover up the particular details along with compatibility.


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Each and every shout is fully customized to a much better and realistic way. From cooldown to effect, I have balanced them almost perfectly that you won’t be even needing any details about the changes made, you could simply see those in game.

Notable changes, worth mentioning..


    [*][font=Times New Roman]Bend Will will work on all creatures even on the undead. This could results in some amazing effects that you might have never seen earlier. Like walking among draugr as if you are one, commanding other’s summoned creatures and much more.[/font]

    [*][font=Times New Roman]Dismay will now act as a true dragon shout. We all were highly disappointed by the vanilla version of this shout which was just a mere copy of illusion spell. But now it will work on higher level creatures up to level 35 and will terrorized the undead too making it a real handy shout. It will now also have a secondary effect of stopping the regeneration of victims under it’s effect irrespective of whether they flee or not.[/font]

    [*][font=Times New Roman]Dragonrend effect will last for a bit more, perfectly balanced.[/font]

    [*][font=Times New Roman]No more that nonsense ancient dragonborn would magically appear to aid you after using Dragon Aspect shout when health goes low. (The ancient dragonborn concept doesn’t make any sense, better to not see him again.)[/font]

    [*][font=Times New Roman]Drain Vitality will now absorb the life forces from victims under it’s effect.[/font]

    [*][font=Times New Roman]Become Ethereal (Feim Ability) which is acquire from meditation will regenerate health 50% faster instead of 25%.[/font]

    [*][font=Times New Roman]     Very Importantly, most of the shouts will not work on DWARVENs at all. Many already were in effective against them but I have added the remaining ones too.[/font]

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Aura Whisper (Cause it not supposed to detect any non living creatures.)

Drain Vitality (Cause it not supposed to drain [now absorb] any life forces from robots. They simply don’t have it.)

Marked For Death (Armor penalty effect stays intact but the health one will not work on them.)

Bend Will, Ice Form, Dismay, Disarm, Frost Breath, Soul Tear.. all are of no use against them. You may be already knowing about it.

COMPATIBILITY: Anything that edits any of the shout’s effect and cooldown must not be used. Believe me, you won’t be needing anything else either.

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After Shouts, we have to come at their rightful users. It was always so disappointing seeing the dragon using only few and same shouts despite of their disparities in strength and levels. But n
[/font][font=Times New Roman]ow, dragon have a variety of shouts to hunt you down. Depending on their levels they would use shouts like Disarm, Dismay, Unrelenting Force, Ice Form, Soul Tear and even Become Ethereal. (AI based)       [/font][font=Times New Roman](Along with Fire Breath and Frost Breath..Of course. I don’t wanna disclose everything, find all ingame yourself.)[/font]

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Not just limited to here, their shouts are fully voiced i.e they would speak out words of power just like the dragonborn. Will increase immersion beyond your expectations.. 

Paarthurnax, Alduin and Odahviing have unique voices. 

All other dragons have similar voices.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]In [/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]the above battle Alduin did not use all shouts. Well that just the AI + depends on how long you take the battle, what situations are created.[/font]

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[font=Times New Roman]And a little more good piece of information, the dragon version of shouts are different from that of dragonborn’s. For example Unrelenting Force used by dragons have different levels depending on which dragon is using it as compared to dragonborn’s who have only one.

In short, stronger dragons will use deadlier shouts. Be Careful.!

COMPATIBILITY: Any other mod that edits the dragon’s shouts or the spellists of any vanilla dragon related to shouts should be avoided. I would recommend mods that boosts dragon’s stats and give them new combat abilities and animations.


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Just like the dragons, draugrs will also use more shouts like Dismay, Ice form, Become Ethereal and Fire Breath depending on their levels. (AI based) For example, Death Overlord may use Become Ethereal when health critical and flee during the time to avoid combat.

Rebalanced the draugrs spellists accordingly as well.

Again 100% Voiced. 


Use Dragonrend brothers. Bring him to sword’s reach… (Now they will)

Remember the 3 Ancient heroes at Sovngarde, 
Felldir the OldGormlaith Golden-HiltHakon One-Eye. Those also needed improvement in order to make them the real heroes the were supposed to be. Each of them is now of  Level 45 instead of  30. (Had to increase the levels to create consistency with shouts and lore, very minor extra change.)

The will now use as you know more shouts which they were supposed to use. Like in the final Alduin battle they may also use the mod added Dragonrend and Become Ethereal shouts along with other ones too. (AI based)

They already knew a variety of shouts in vanilla but were not assigned to use them.

The Summon Valor version of these heroes can use all the major shouts namely Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Dragonrend, Disarm, Dismay and Unrelenting Force. Pretty useful guys now.


Both of the above can shout but without speaking a single word. You may have noticed when they shout in vanilla game it’s sort of a blank thundering effect. But now they would speak out words of powers fulfilling the prophecy of this mod.

Greybeards already had their voices in game but again not assigned by Bethesda. I fixed it so that they do shout with voices.

Ulfric had no sound files for his only two shouts Unrelenting Force and Disarm. So I created custom I gave to him. Should match to his original voice.

It all began with Ulfric Needs A Voice and ended on The Need Of Voice


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