The Real Dark Brotherhood

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    [*]If attacked by a Dark Brotherhood Assassin (before joining), you can now take their Armor when looting the body.

    [*]Shadowmere now has 250 speed and 500 Stamina. He is from the void, so increased stats seemed appropriate.

    [*]Spectral Assassin is now called Lucien Lachance.

    [*]Lucien Lachance now armed with Daedric Dagger rather than Steel. A dagger from the depths of Oblivion seemed more fitting.

    [*]Lucien Lachance has more Health. He is from the void, so increased Health seemed appropriate.

    [*]TB Gloves can be disenchanted. New enchantments added.

    [*]All Shrouded Armor pieces can be disenchanted. Cowl/Armor/Gloves have new enchantments.

    [*]All Shrouded Robe pieces can be disenchanted. Hood/Robes/Handwraps have new enchantments.

    [*]Jester/Cicero’s Clothes are disenchantable.

    [*]New enchantment on the Nightweaver’s Band.

    [*]DB Forever moved to Misc. section of journal.

    [*]Contracts from the Night Mother are worth more Gold.

    [*]Added an Ebony Bow, Ebony Dagger and 25 Ebony Arrows to the inventory of the Ancient Assassin.

    [*]DB Initiate 1 is now named Mikkel. His inventory is 1 Elven Bow, 1 Elven Dagger, 50 Elven Arrows. Set to Protected. He has the ability to dual-wield (will onlydo so while in combat).

    [*]DB Initiate 2 is now named Senua. Her inventory is 1 Dwarven Bow, 1 Dwarven Dagger, 50 Dwarven Arrows. Set to Protected. She has the ability to dual-wield (will only do so while in combat).

    [*]Added a Khajiit fence named J’fiir to the Dawnstar Sanctuary.

    [*]De-cluttered the Dawnstar Sanctuary. You just spent all that Gold to get the Sanctuary outfitted, why would it be so dirty?

If you have any DB related Armor on,please un-equip and re-equip for the new enchantments to take effect.

This is because Skyrim’s engine has problems recognizing new

enchantments if an item is already active.

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