The sons and doughters of Skyrim

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-I edited by hand all of the nord bandits in Skyrim to give them a far better look, beards for the nords

better eyes, better hairs, all vanilla.

-I edited Ulfric to look like the 13 warrior leader(he’s also bigger now)

also Balgruuf is now buffed and good looking,

and Tulius too.

+some generals edited too.

-Removed all of the redguard bandits i could find and made them nords with beards too,

it took away the feel of the alikr being foreigners so i changed it.

-i touched Lydia a bit to make her look more cute.

-I edited the hair tints too, now you will have pure natural hair tints, no more bizarre greenish hairs, true redheads and auburns, it affects all of the characters.

I packed a bsa with all of the facetints, i hope it works good because it took me 3 hours of sleeping while the CK was exporting aaaaaaaall of the facetints.

OHHH!!!! and i made human skins for the high elves, lots of people will love this because it also affects the NPCs (i didnt get to touch aaaaall of them, but most of them).

All vanilla, plug and play


-this mod

-Armor replacers

-Extreme body morphs (a race overhaul for example)

-Alternate start


Natural eyes:

Extreme body morphs:

Better female and male face:

Armor sets:

Jarl clothes:

Wolf armor for Aela

No armored bandits (how come all the bandits wear armor?)

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