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The Sovereign is a Thor/God of War themed throwing axe. It is very electrical and returns boomerang-style when thrown

I made this because I thought Skyrim needed one and I am very stubborn

Location: A fire pit will be South of Rorikstead on a bluff. To avoid conflicts I made the map marker appear a moment afterwards at runtime. If not seen on the map immediately just reload once or visit a hold like Markarth real quick to refresh the map. When visited, a Helgen-like near-death situation occurs at which point the Sovereign shall arrive and decide to either help the demons finish you off, or zap their asses back to Oblivion. It seems to really hate Deadra though since it always chooses the latter for me

Usage: When equipped in main hand tap the attack button to swing normally. Hold the attack button for under 1.5 seconds to throw it. Else typical power swing. If thrown it will come back to your hand at which point it can be thrown again. It is very lethal. It will decapitate eligible targets on throws with a volley of electrical bombardment, and is arguably or definitely a bit OP. If someone is essential it knocks them out with a quick zap instead to avoid any concerns there

Visual quirks may apply now and then as if Skyrim wasnt intending for this kind of weapon to be a thing. I didn’t get around to bribing a good weapon artist to make me a model 😛 so this uses a DLC one, but I think it looks alright. The models can be replaced in Nifskope if you have something like an Ominious Stormy Axe in mind (hint)

Its upped in this manner because I have been meaning to get this over here for a while, but am not working on throwing weapons anymore. TBH thinking about it makes me a little ill since its by far the most difficult mod I thought at the time would be a good idea to make. This is fully complete, but considered as is and retired. Its pretty straightforward though. Get axe. Have fun throwing it at Nazeem and then everyone else in Whiterun etc

This is set to where the axe will help the demons if you try to make it part of a modpack

Requires SKSE, a tolerance for blood, and fondness of electricity

Kidding about the modpack

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