The Tale of the Dragon’s Bane

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As a group project, our FB group (The new) Skyrim Addicts ([/url]) decided to create a weapons mod with a piece of created lore attached to it. We used a number of polls to get info from the group and answer questions about the mod and what it would contain. This is the result.

Many eons ago, there was a tale of a powerful warrior, and legend says he had an even more powerful bow…some say to have even held the magical powers of an even greater ancient dragon. What’s the truth? And what happened to that bow? and the warrior? And what about the dragon? is it real or just a myth? Find out now! Track down the story of the warrior and find out how he became a legend…and you may also become one.  Start your quest at the Nightgate Inn. Look for the book on the bar.

TL;DR: Sweet Bow. Get it.


Fancy Bows by RobZom

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