The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf Race

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Timelost Dwemer Guide and Documentation

(Bug reports and feedback are welcome)

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* Dragonborn (REQUIRED!)

* SKSE[/url] by the SKSE Team (REQUIRED!)

* RaceCompatibility by TMPhoenix (REQUIRED!)

(NSFW link:) Schlongs of Skyrim[/url] or Schlongs of Skyrim Light (optional)

    [*]- If you don’t want to use SOS, there is a never-nude male body option

(NSFW link) The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf Race SOS Plugin Installer[/url] (optional)

    [*]- adds SOS and SOS Light genitals to male deep elves

* Ethereal Elven Overhaul by Nuska (highly-recommended) and the EEO USLEEP Update[/url] by Sakr3d

    [*]- this mod uses Nuska’s elven headmorphs, which are incompatible with vanilla beards. Without Ethereal Elven Overhaul’s beard tweaks and the USLEEP update, most vanilla beards will clip through the faces of male deep elves.)

* USLEEP (highly-recommended)

    [*]- Fixes stuff and can improve your game

* Alternate Start – Live Another Life by Arthmoor (recommended)


    [*][font=Arial]- using the vanilla Helgen starting sequence is kinda not lore-friendly imo because what the heck is a Deep Elf doing crossing the border of Skyrim!!?[/font]

* Floating Healthbars[/url] by expired 6978 (recommended)

    [*]this mod is useful for tracking the health of your automatons

* Dwarven Textures - the following mods will make your dwarven animunculi, armor, weapons, dungeons and buildings look amazing, and I highly recommend them. These are the textures that I’m using in my screenshots:


    [*]- Ancient Dwemer Metal[/url] by SRW0

[/font] – retextures all dwarven animunculi in the game with an darker, grittier, burnished aesthetic – yes even the ones in this mod!!![font=Arial]

    [*]- aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Armors [/url]by CaBaL120

[/font] – covers many armor sets, but most importantly it retextures the dwarven set, too[font=Arial][/font] – in my opinion, this is by far the best and most consistent dwarven weapons retexture. While aMidianBorn Weapons retextures some dwarven weapons, Dwemer Bronze and Steel retextures all of them, including the crossbow, axe, and others. They also match aMidianBorn’s dwarven armor textures which is awesome.

    [*][font=Arial]- Noble Skyrim by Shutt3r is an all around and comprehensive texture replacer that also covers everything else that’s Dwarven in the game.[/spoiler][/font]





    [*]Power Claws –Increases your unarmed damage.

    [*]Powered Weapons – Includes powered warhammers, greatswords, and battleaxes. Ignores 50% of enemy armor.

    [*]Aetherial Power Armor– Thanks to MihailMods, we have power armor in Skyrim! Provides immunity to poison and disease, and resistance to magic. Wearing this makes you a walking tank. Although powerful, you are very slow and you can’t pickpocket or sneak.

    [*]Aetherial Warhammer – Powered aetherial warhammer that staggers targets and ignores 50% of enemy armor.

    [*]Atronach Cubes – Atronach Cubes come in five increasing powerful varieties. They are ingenious dwemer contraptions that absorb spell damage, and resist and regenerate magicka. Though expensive to make, they are invaluable machines to the Timelost Dwemer as they offset the effects of the Maleficarum Curse.

    [*]Warp Cores – Warp Cores come in three increasingly powerful varieties. These devices augment your chronokinetic abilities, making Time Dilation and Time Warp last longer, and allowing you to Warp Jump even further. However, the damage that your chronokinetic abilities inflicts upon you increases with every Warp Core upgrade.

– Advanced Warp Core grants you the Gravity Bomb ability

    [*]Temporal Reversal Module – TR Modules save can save you from near-death experiences by reversing time, rapidly regenerating your health, stamina, and magicka and slowing time for three seconds.

    [*]Tesseract Cube – Tesseract Cubes provide unlimited storage space within the infinite void inside them.

    [*]Chronokinetic Stabilizer – Chronokinetic Stabilizers are the pinnacle of Timelost Dwemer technology: they stabilize your chronokinetic abilities, preventing them from damaging you.

– This item unlocks your full time-warping potential, and grants you the the powerful End Time spell.[/spoiler]



This mod fully-integrates a tweaked and expanded version of TheBlackKnight3000’s Dwarven Automaton Crafting mod into the game. This mod would not have been made possible without TheBlackKnight3000’s work.

In the Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf Race, you may choose from up to 26 varieties of dwarven animunculi to construct and aid you in combat. 


Dwemer Animunculi are advanced magical constructs designed and assembled by the Ancient Dwemer thousands of years ago. Since the disappearance of the Ancient Dwemer race, no civilization on Tamriel has been able to recreate this esoteric elven technology. These tireless machine servitors come in all shapes and sizes, from clattering arachnids, to meric androids, and to even titanic mechanical dragons.

There are four tiers of animunculi that you can unlock through the new Magecrafter perks. Each tier contains increasingly powerful and expensive animunculi that fit into different combat roles and have both strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to build automatons designed for brutal melee combat, ranged magical support, and more.

Animunculi are not summoned like spells. They must be manually deployed, stored, and repaired.

For usage instructions, you may read the ingame books you start with, or you may read the documentation for the mod, which you can find further below.






KS Hairdos – Renewal


Ashtaret, in the early days of the First Era, was the daughter of a noble family who enjoyed the finer life of the dwemer aristocracy. Belonging to the minor but respected Clan Namtara of Arkngthamz, she had access to great wealth – wealth that she squandered on her decadent and libertine lifestyle… much to the disdain of her parents. However, the discovery of aetherium in Blackreach sparked the Aetherium Wars, and many of Clan Namtara marched off to war only to be killed by their own kin. Ashtaret, with her parents and most of her friends and family dead, found herself alone for the first time in her life. Ashamed that she had done nothing but indulge in vice and vanity as her parents fell in battle and Clan Namtara burned, she swore to her ancestors that she would restore her and her family’s honor.

As the Aetherium Wars came to a close, and Arkngthamz lay in ruin, Ashtaret mustered what little of her family’s wealth that remained and delved into the science of magecrafting. From apprentice to master, Ashtaret constructed animunculi that helped rebuild and revitalize her city after the destruction of the Aetherium Wars. Centuries passed, and the the dwemer empire thrived once again – thanks in part to some of Ashtaret’s patented animunculus designs. Now, as a master magecrafter, Ashtaret had finally restored the honor and respect Clan Namtara had held in ages past. However, she was still the sole surviving progeny of her clan. With Arkngthamz restored to its former glory, she decided that it was time to settle down and start a family of her own. However, this dream was never realized.

In the 1E 700, the upstart chimer of Resadyn declared war upon their dwemer neighbors. Ashtaret joined the Arkngthamzite legion, and drilled and practiced in the art of swordsmanship in case their dwemeri allies in Resdayn called for their aid. Though far from the carnage, Ashtaret felt a strange and inexplicable force pull her into nothingness and she and the rest of the dwemer disappeared from the face of the universe.

In the void, four-thousand years passed in the blink of an eye, and once more, Ashtaret found herself in Arkngthamz – but it was not the Arkgnthamz she once knew. Surrounded by mutant falmer, Ashtaret took up arms against the vagrant savages and slew her way out of the city and into a completely different world. She looked upon the land of Skyrim and saw distant lights and cities that she could not remember. The world had changed in her absence, and once again, she found herself alone. Confused and quaking with despair, Ashtaret gathered her wits and wandered Skyrim, hoping to carve out a new life for herself in that strange new world. 


Nizrok (Shield Warrior (Can wear power armor))


Nizrok was a family mer, but remained distant from his kin because of the years he spent soldiering in the dwemer legions. During his service to the kingdom of Bthar-zel, he had seen and slain at least one of every man, mer, and monster that walked the lands of Skyrim. Whenever he returned home, his children, much older than the last he saw him, would shy away from him. To them, he was nothing but a stranger in their eyes. Saddened by the rift that had grown between him and his children, Nizrok promised to his wife that he would soldier no more. Finally settling down, Nizrok looked forward to rebuilding his family and becoming part of their lives. Just as he was opening his first chthonic food emporium, the Aetherium Wars shook the foundations of the dwemer empire. Bthar-zel, his home city, conscripted every able-bodied mer to fight against the forces of Arkngthamz for control over its rich aetherium stockpile.

With a heavy heart, Nizrok donned his armor and carried his shield and axe into battle once more, leaving behind his family. The war was a devastating one, and countless dwemer perished as it raged across Skyrim. Worse, as the dwemer city-states fought among themselves, the nords saw an opportunity for conquest, and swept across Skyrim to lay claim to dwemer lands. While the legions of Bthar-zel were fighting against the Arkngthamzites, the nords preyed upon city. As the Aetherium Wars came to a close, Nizrok returned from the war to find Bthar-zel utterly destroyed. He dug through the rubble of his home until his fingers bled and he despaired. His family was nowhere to be found. His wife and children gone forever. Without a home and a family, Nizrok fell into a deep depression that threatened to consume him, and he cast himself off into the wilderness of Skyrim with nothing but his old legionary armor.

For many centuries, Nizrok wandered Tamriel as a traveling mercenary, honing his fighting skills and swinging his axe for coin until his journey came to an end in the distant lands of Resadyn. When another elven war broke out, Nizrok, empty from working the honorless job of a mercenary, thought that he could find purpose in life once more by joining the dwemer legions of King Dumac. As a weathered veteran of the Aetherium Wars, Dumac’s dwemer legions accepted him wholeheartedly into their ranks, and they marched against the chimeri armies at the Battle of Red Mountain.

It was there, in the heat of battle that Nizrok felt his skin crawl and nothingness swallowed him whole. Then, just as quickly as the darkness had come, a light erupted around him and hurled him into the carnage of the Red Year. Hunted by roving bands of argonian dunmer-slayers, Nizrok fled Resdayn – now known as Morrowind, and joined a group of dunmer refugees on their way to Solsteim. There, Nizrok settled down for the first time in centuries (or thousands of years), and it was there that he finally found peace in the loving embrace of a dunmer woman named Nirina, whom he later called his wife. This woman made him whole again, and for once he finally felt at peace.

Together, Nizrok and Nirina built a dwarven ceramics business, and he sometimes travels to the Skyrim mainland to secure trade deals with the nords of Markarth who are eager to collect his authentic dwarven art. Currently, he is stuck in Skyrim proper for the time being, unable to return to Solsteim due to Imperial and Stormcloak naval blockades around the mainland.



* Right now neither of the two followers have any unique dialogue options or voices. I have no idea how to make either of those, and as it stands, I’m far too busy IRL to learn how. Eventually, I would like to have add more depth to these followers.

* I intend on fleshing out this mod more when I have the time to learn how to script spellcasting and make combat packages.

* Ashtaret and Nizrok will probably spawn a Hunting Bow into their inventory when first recruited. This is a bug that all custom followers have. You will need to remove the bow from their inventories, or they may not use their own weapons. You only need to do this once. I can’t fix this without breaking every follower mod out there, so manually removing that stupid Hunting Bow from his inventory ingame is the only way around this bug (thanks Bethesda)[/spoiler]


* I strongly recommend that you install this mod and all its requirements using Mod Organizer. You can use Nexus Mod Manager too. Just install this mod the way you’d normally install mods with those two programs.


    [*][font=Arial]- Note that I won’t help you if you try installing this manually! [/font]

    [*][font=Arial]- I won’t be able to help you if you install it with Vortex, because I’ve never used it. [/font]

[font=Arial]* There are notes, and warnings listed as well which you should read (I put them under spoilers to keep the guide clean and organized).

* If you are using HDT bodies and or SOS, make sure you have their requirements installed as well

* If you are using Better Vampires, make sure that RaceCompatibility loads AFTER Better Vampires. RaceCompatibility’s scripts must overwrite Better Vampires or you won’t be able to gain Vampirism!

* If you want to make patches for my mod, I have included in the mod both Deep_Elf_Race.esm and Deep_Elf_Race.esp. You can find the .esp in the development folder.

Step-by-Step Installation

1. Install SKSE


2. Install USLEEP[/url][/b]

    [*]I recommend that you install Ethereal Elven Overhaul and the EEO USLEEP Update[/url] as well, to prevent beard clipping in Deep Elf males


3. Install RaceCompatibility.

[/font][font=Arial]Additional Requirements:


    [*]If you have USLEEP installed, choose to install RaceCompatibility USKP Override as well from RaceCompatibility’s installer.

    [*]If you are using Better Vampires or Sacrosanct, make sure you check that in the installer as well.[/spoiler]

4. Install The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf Race. Opening The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf with your mod manager will open an installer program which will guide you through the installation process.

    [*]Main Screen: Read the text on the left, then hit Next

5. Choose the Female Deep Elf body textures that match the body you are using. There is a never-nude female body option available. It is compatible with the vanilla body, and the SFW NeverNude body.

Additional Requirements:


– If you choose the NeverNude body, you must install the SFW Body Mod. That, or you should be using the vanilla body. If the feet look weird, you can install UNP feet to fix this[/font][font=Arial].[/spoiler]


6. Choose the Male Deep Elf body textures that match the body you are using. There is a non-SOS (never-nude) male body option available. If you don’t want to use SOS, choose the SkySight Skin option when choosing your preferred male body.

Additional Requirements:


    [*]If you choose the SOS body or SOS Light body, you need to install the appropriate Deep Elf SOS Plugin[/url]

    [*]If you choose the SkySight Skins body, you must install the SkySight Skins with Real Feet Meshes. That, or you should be using the vanilla body[/spoiler]

[/font][font=Arial]7. Check whether or not you want to install the Deep Elf Follower Plugin. This completely optional, and you don’t have to install it. Make your selections and click Install.

[font=Arial]Follower Location:

– You can find them inside the Understone Keep in Markarth near Calcemo.[/font][font=Arial][/spoiler]


8. Check whether or not you want to install any compatibility patches or optional plugins. Make your selections and click Install to finish installation.




    [*]If you want your Gynoids to use any of the HDT body options, you must have some variation of HDT Physics, the XP32 Maximum Extended Skeleton[/url], and FNIS[/url] or your game will crash

    [*]If you want to use the Extra Automatons Plugin, you must install both Skyrim Immersive Creatures[/url] and the Mihail Dwarven Colossus mod

    [*]If you are using Sacrosanct, install the Sacrosanct Patch or you will not get vampire abilities.

    [*]If you are already using Mihail’s Dwarven Power Armor mod, then it is highly recommended that you either disable it (because my mod implements the same mod and assets) or uninstall it as my mod adds into the game the same power armor, but modifies its stats and implements it into the crafting system.

[/font] – ALTERNATIVELY: If you don’t want to do this for whatever reason, then you should install the Dwarven Power Armor Patch, or the power armor Mihail added to the game will not be on par with the power armor from The Timelost Dwemer. This plugin also removes the Thalmor General and his soldiers in the Mzulft Aerodrome because the main mod replaces them with a Timelost Juggernaut. Without this patch, you will have to fight two power-armored enemies and an army of Thalmor.


    [*]if you are using Immersive Jewelry, install the Immersive Jewelry Patch, or the materials you need to craft the new items and automatons will be unreasonably heavy to carry.

    [*]if you are using Ordinator, install the Ordinator Patch or you will not be able to access and unlock the new Magecrafter perks


Use LOOT[/url] to sort out your plugins, but refer to the load order guide below[/b] otherwise you MAY have issues with Better Vampires or Sacrosanct depending on where LOOT puts your RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp.



    [*]If you or your Gynoids are using HDT Bodies, make sure to install XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, HDT Physics Extensions, and FNIS.

    [*]After installing FNIS, do not forget to Generate FNIS, or your feet will be sticking to the ground when you walk.

    [*]If you are using any mods that modify the game’s leveled lists (such as weapon/armor mods like Immersive Weapons or Immersive Armors) I suggest you build a Bashed Patch in Wrye Bash. More info on that further below…[/spoiler]





Use LOOT to sort out your plugins.

After finishing installation make sure that you are only using Deep_Elf_Race.esm. If you are using Better Vampires or Sacrosanct, you will need to manually sort some plugins after running LOOT:



Make sure that Better Vampires.esp loads after RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp (as seen in the picture above) or Better Vampires will not be able to apply its vampire scripts to your character ingame. This will prevent you from leveling up your Vampirism, casting certain Vampire abilities, and other problems that will give you headaches.

Make sure that RaceCompatibility overwrites Better Vampires in the Left Pane (as seen in the picture above), or your vampire mod won’t use RaceCompatibility’s vampire scripts. If you don’t do this, vampirism won’t even work.[/spoiler]



If you are using Sacrosanct, you should have installed the Sacrosanct Patch in the previous installation steps.

Make sure that Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim.esp[/b] loadsafter RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp, and load the Deep_Elf_Race_SCS_Patch.esp loads after Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim.esp (as seen in the picture above) or Sacrosanct will not work at all.


Make sure that Sacrosanct overwrites RaceCompatibility in the Left Pane (as seen in the picture above), or Sacrosanct will not work.[/spoiler]




If you are using Ordinator, you should have installed the Ordinator Patch in the previous installation steps, or you will not be able to acquire the new Magecrafter perks.

When you start the game, you will be prompted by an options screen asking you what kind of Meric Smithing you would like to specialize in.


If you are using Immersive Jewelry, you should have installed the Immersive Jewelry Patch in the previous installation steps, or you will have some issues with gathering materials for the new items.


If you installed the Extra Automatons Plugin, you must load Deep_Elf_Extra_Automatons.esp AFTER both Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp (and its DLC2 addon) and mihailesocenturion.esp.


If you are already using Mihail’s Dwarven Power Armor mod, then it is highly recommended that you install the Dwarven Power Armor Patch,

or the power armor Mihail added to the game will not be on par with the power armor from The Timelost Dwemer. This plugin also removes the Thalmor General and his soldiers in the Mzulft Aerodrome because the main mod replaces them with a Timelost Juggernaut. Without this patch, you will have to fight two power-armored enemies and an army of Thalmor.


If you installed any optional compatibility patches, or if you are using any mods that modify the game’s leveled lists (such as weapon/armor mods Immersive Weapons and Immersive Armors) I HIGHLY recommend that you run Wrye Bash[/url] and build a Bashed Patch.

You will find advanced instructions on how to build a Bashed Patch here: STEP GUIDE: Bashed Patch.

However, if you want to just do what I do and only merge Leveled Lists (which is what is only really necessary) then follow my instructions below:


1. Open Wrye Bash.

2. Right click Bashed Patch, 0.esp, and click Rebuild Patch

3. Uncheck EVERY box in the window that pops up, EXCEPT Leveled Lists

4. Click Build Patch

5. Done!

Building a Bashed Patch will resolve many plugin conflicts, including those that you may encounter with this mod.

My mod adds weapons to the vanilla leveled lists, and without a Bashed Patch, you may never see any Ivory Glass weapons in Falmer loot.




I aim to provide updates and bugfixes for this mod when I am able. These updates should not break your save, however, there are some steps you should take to make sure your character’s traits are updated properly.

Standard Updating Procedure

This is the standard updating procedure for 1.0 and above, unless specifically stated otherwise.

– Hit Tilde ~ to open the console, type in ‘showracemenu’ (without quotes) and press enter

– You will now be in the RaceMenu Screen. Make any changes you want (you don’t need to) and press R to save and finish

– You should see on the top left of your screen: “Timelost Dwemer perks and spells have been added successfully.”

– Done!

Advanced Updating Procedure

Do not use this updating procedure unless specified by the mod author.

– Hit Tilde ~ to open the console, type in ‘showracemenu’ (without the quotes) and press enter

– You will now be in the RaceMenu Screen. If you are using the RaceMenu mod or ECE, I suggest that you save a character preset of your current character before continuing

– Change your character’s race to any other race

– Press R and confirm your changes, and return to the game. You should see the message at the top left of the screen: “Timelost Dwemer perks and spells have been removed successfully”

– Open the console a second time, and enter RaceMenu again

– Change your character back to a Deep Elf, load your the character preset you saved

– Press R and confirm your changes, and return to the game. You should see a message on the top left of your screen: “Timelost Dwemer perks and spells have been added successfully.” Your new skill bonuses should be applied, and the Smite ability should be in your spellbook

You may also need to rebuild your Bashed Patch if I update the leveled lists, but I will let you know if you need to.



Compatible with all enchantment overhauls

Compatible with Better Vampires

Compatible with Sacrosanct (requires a patch; see installation section)

Compatible with Summermyst

* Compatible with Immersive Jewelry (requires a patch; see installation section)

* This mod uses default Vampire eye textures, so your Deep Elves will use any Vampire eye textures you’ve personally installed

* Head Meshes and Beards


The Deep Elf males in this mod use Nuska’s Ethereal Elven Overhaul headmorphs. Thus, they will be incompatible with the vanilla beards. 

    [*]- I recommend  that you download and install Ethereal Elven Overhaul, then patch it with the EEO USLEEP Update[/url] because it tweaks the vanilla beards to be compatible with Nuska’s elven headmorphs. Without EEO, your male deep elf’s beard will clip through his face![/spoiler]

* Immersive CreaturesMihail’s Dwarven Colossus,and Other Dwarven Automaton Mods


You will not be able to store/deploy/craft any Dwarven NPC’s that are added by other mods. Attempting to store or capture them may break their AI.

    [*]- The Extra Automatons Plugin allows you to build and deploy several animunculi from the Immersive Creatures mod, as well as Mihail’s Dwarven Colossus[/spoiler]

* Ordinator and Perk Tree Overhauls


This mod is incompatible with any mods that edit the perk menu’s perk tree! This includes Ordinator, Perkus Maximus, etc.

    [*]- There is an Ordinator patch available that incorporates the Magecrafter perks into Ordinator’s Smithing tree by integrating it into the Dwarven Autocannon perk. If you use Ordinator, you need to install this patch via the FOMOD installer!

    [*]- I’m not sure if I want to make a patch for Perkus Maximus, because it seems extremely large and complex, so don’t expect one anytime soon.[/spoiler]

* Mihail’s Dwarven Power Armor


This mod partially incompatiblewith Mihail’s Dwarven Power Armor mod as I borrowed and edited his meshes, and edited and removed some things he added to the game (such as the random and quite frankly unimmersive Thalmor army you encounter in Mzulft for some reason). Do not use his mod and mine at the same time. 

    [*]- However, if you are already using his mod and can’t/don’t want to take off your load order, I made a Mihail’s Dwarven Power Armor patch available in the installer that overwrites his .esp and makes it compatible with my mod.[/spoiler]

* Dwemer Automaton Crafting and Aetherial Palace Reborn


– This mod is probably compatible with the original Dwemer Automaton Crafting, but I do not recommend using it alongside my mod as my mod expands upon and makes most of its features redundant.

– On the other hand, this mod should be compatible with Aetherial Palace Reborn as the scripts are named differently in my mod. 

    [*]- Make sure that you load my mod after Aetherial Palace Reborn in the left and right panes of Mod Organizer. My mod was overwrite all of its files.[/spoiler]

* Body/Face Textures Mods


    [*]- Should not overwrite any body/texture mods! This mod uses whatever body mods you have installed, and its textures are contained in their own folders and thus should not overwrite any mods

    [*]- Some face texture mods may be incompatible and may make your face discolored or brighter than the rest of the body. You should be using a face texture mod that’s compatible with the Demoniac Skin, like Mature Skin Textures[/spoiler]

* Requiem and Other Overhauls


    [*]As far as I know, this mod is incompatible with Requiem and other combat overhauls

    [*]I am not interested in rewriting and re balancing my entire mod just to make it work with Requiem, so please don’t ask me to

    [*]I did include the .esp version of Deep_Elf_Race in each download (it can be found in the development folder). So feel free to make patches for your favorite overhauls. Please PM me if you’ve made any patches so I can add it to this mod’s optional downloads.[/spoiler]





If you want to use your own custom textures to fit your custom body meshes, all you need to do is replace this mod’s textures with yours.

Simply drag and drop your textures (such as,, etc) into the following folder:

…The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf RaceTexturesdeep elfmale


…The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf RaceTexturesdeep elffemale

Click yes to overwrite any files if asked.



I wrote up a thorough and detailed documentation for this mod. 

The documentation covers the following topics: 

* Installation instructions

* Descriptions for all the extra/optional plugins

* Descriptions and (specific and relative) stats of the spells, perks, weapons, armors, and automatons added by this mod

* Gameplay tips

* Detailed crafting guide with charts/material lists for all the items and automatons added to the game

* Automaton use and maintenance 

Here is a link to the documentation: The Timelost Dwemer Guide and Documentation[/spoiler]


[/font]My game is crashing on start![font=Arial]


[/font]You are most likely missing a requirement. Read through the installation guide again and make sure you installed every requirement needed for the mod to function. If you installed any plugins or patches, you must make sure their requirements are installed, too.


Vampirism isn’t working!


My character isn’t getting his/her Better Vampires/Sacrosanct spells!


1: Make sure that when you installed RaceCompatibility that you also installed USKPOverride (if you are using USLEEP).

2: Make sure you checked Better Vampires/Sacrosanct when you installed RaceCompatibility.

3: Make sure you are also loading RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp and the Better Vampires and Sacrosanct .esp’s in the right order. See the Load Order section of the Installation guide for instructions.[/spoiler]

Why am I getting massacred by spellcasters?


Because of the Maleficarum Curse, which increases incoming spell damage by 25%. [/spoiler]

Then how do I fight spellcasters without getting massacred?


Use your chronokinetic abilities to defeat them. Use your chronokinesis to defeat them. Additionally, do not squander your headstart in the Smithing, Enchanting, and Alchemy skills. Leveling and using those three skills will help you greatly…

Please read the Gameplay Tips section of the documentation for more tips.[/spoiler]

Can the effects of the Maleficarum Curse be reduced or removed entirely?


It can’t be removed, but it can be mitigated or even offset entirely by Atronach Cubes. [/spoiler]

I don’t like the Maleficarum Curse. Can you remove it?



I don’t like this mod >:C


Then don’t play it.[/spoiler]

My male deep elves have holes in their crotches!


You are missing the Deep Elf SOS Plugin. You need both SOS/SOS Light and the Deep Elf SOS Plugin if you want your male deep elves to have genitals.

If you have the Deep Elf SOS Plugin installed, and your Deep Elf males still have holes in their crotches, you may need to manually-apply their schlongs. Make sure to apply the Deep Elf schlong.[/spoiler]

Time Warp killed me! Why is this happening?


All chronokinetic abilities damage you upon use. Time Warp’s overpoweredness is offset by its potential to kill you, especially at lower levels. You can mitigate the damage that chronokinesis does to you by equipping items that resist magical damage, or by crafting and equipping Atronach Cubes.[/spoiler]

My female deep elves have discolored or brighter-colored faces!


You are probably using a face texture that is incompatible with the Demoniac skin (which is what female deep elves use). I recommend that you use a face texture that is compatible with Demoniac like the face textures from the Mature Skin Texture mod. [/spoiler]

I’m using CBBE and there’s some weird stretching going on my female deep elves’ breasts!


I’m using CBBE and my female deep elves’ nipples are weird looking!


The deep elf female textures are only compatible with Curvy body presets. If you are using a Slim body preset, deep elf females will look odd. You can replace their textures with your Slim body textures if you want by following the Customization guide above. [/spoiler]

The vanilla beards are clipping into my male deep elf’s face!


You need to install Ethereal Elven Overhaul and the EEO USLEEP Update[/url] by Sakr3d. This mod uses Nuska’s elven headmorphs, which are incompatible with vanilla beards. Without Ethereal Elven Overhaul’s beard tweaks and the USLEEP update, most vanilla beards will clip through the faces of male deep elves.)[/spoiler]

Do NPC’s refer to me as a deep elf ingame?


No. That would not be possible unless I edited every dialogue option that refers to you by race, and I don’t want to do that.[/spoiler]

Can you share your Deep Elf Follower face presets?



Can you make a Requiem Patch?


Can you make a patch for [Insert Combat Overhaul Here]


No. If the patch requires me to rebalance every item, NPC, spell, or race added by my mod, that’s definitely going to be a no. Feel free to make your own patches, though.[/spoiler][/spoiler]



* After you start a new game/character, you may get duplicates of the five starting books if you exist the racemenu too fast or immediately after choosing your race. Not sure how to fix this.


* Vanilla beards will clip through Deep Elf male faces if you don’t install Ethereal Elven Overhaul and the EEO USLEEP Update[/url].


* Warp Jump may clip you through walls and cause you to fall through the earth. Not much I can really do about that so just be careful of where you warp jump to, and always try to aim at the floors. 


* The Slow Time effect may trigger later than it should, or sometimes not at all when using Warp Jump, Gravity Bomb, or End Time.

    [*]- This is sometimes caused by script lag, but the slow time effect can sometimes not take effect at all when using Gravity Bomb or End Time on large groups of enemies


* Chronokinetic abilities may last longer than they should

    [*]- This sometimes happens randomly…

    [*]- Other times this occurs if you cast several chronokinetic spells in quick succession, causing each consecutive spell to latch onto the previous one and slow time even further


* Sometimes your automaton will not deploy when you drop your containment sphere

    [*]- This can happen due to script lag. Try picking it up and deploying it again, or go indoors and deploy in there

    [*]- Sometimes your automaton’s containment sphere can bug out and you will need to either

    [*]craft a new one, or add a new one to your inventory via the console.

    [*]- Just make sure you get rid of the bugged automaton first by either removing it from your inventory or disabling it in the console


* Sometimes your automatons may not follow you through load doors. They are not ‘lost’. They will be in the previous room you left them in.

    [*]- Temporary fix: waiting for them (by pressing T) will cause them to teleport to you immediately.

    [*]- I am working on a permanent fix for this, but it will take a while before it is finished.



In order from most likely to least likely:

* Expand upon the Dwemer Follower Plugin (give them abilities, combat packages, dialogue, etc)

    [*]Give Ashtaret the ability to summon a unique Dwarven Sentinel

    [*]Give both followers the ability to use Warp Jump

    [*]Give both followers custom Combat AI

    [*]Give both followers unique, voiceless dialogue lines

    [*]Maybe give them voices? 

* Overhaul the automaton deployment system so that your automatons will consistently follow you through load doors





* The Daedric Exile – A Dremora Race (WIP… not coming any time soon)



Old Changelogs:


Closed Beta Changelogs


0.9b RC 1.0

Initial closed beta release

0.9b RC 1.1 


* Fixed the hole in ground at the Understone Keep’s entrance. You won’t fall through it when you enter from the front door anymore.

0.9b RC 1.2 


* Updated the description of Magecrafter perks to show what requirements you need to unlock them.


* Reduced Warp Jump’s Time Shifting damage to 20 per use

* Reduced Time Dilation’s Time Shifting damage to 10 per use

* Time Dilation now lasts 2 seconds, rather than 1.5

* Time Warp lasts 6 seconds now

* Time Warp’s Time Shifting damage now does a total of 90 damage over 12 seconds

* New Ability: Gravity Bomb – Once per day, if you have an Advanced Warp Core or a Chromatic Warp Core equipped, overload your warp core, briefly creating a gravitational singularity before detonating it, hurling away all enemies within 50 feet of the detonation and dealing 50 damage to them over 5 seconds. Inflicts 9.6(*1.25) per second for 5 seconds.


* All Atronach Cubes now use Slot 55 rather than Slot 60. This should prevent them from being unequipped if you are using Dual Sheath Redux

* All Warp Cores now buff Time Warp

– Warp Core (Tier 1) – Time Warp now also lasts 2 seconds longer, but deals 5 more damage per second after casted. Warp Jump’s distance is also buffed to +25ft.

– Advanced Warp Core (Tier 2) – Time Warp now also lasts 4 seconds longer, but deals 10 more damage per second after casted. Warp Jump’s distance is also buffed to +50ft.

– Chromatic Warp Core (Tier 3) – Time Warp now also lasts 6 seconds longer, but deals 15 more damage per second after casted. Warp Jump’s distance is also buffed to +75ft.

* Removed unintended 10% Magic Resistance enchantment from Warp Cores

* Advanced Warp Core and Chromatic Warp Core now give the Gravity Bomb ability

0.9b RC 1.3 


* Gynoids, Armati, and Packhorses have been reworked to be compatible with multiple follower overhauls

– When you deploy a Gynoid, Gynoid Spellsword, Armatus, or a Packhorse, the Containment Sphere will choose from a leveled list of unique, named animunculi to spawn (Gynoids will spawn ‘Iztar Alpha – Omega’, Armati will spawn ‘Nerchul Alpha – Lambda’, and Packhorses will spawn Mzarduk ‘Alpha – Lambda’)

– these individual animunculus actors can be managed as if they were individual followers, where previously each Gynoid, Armatus, or Packhorse was essentially a duplicate of the same individual (which prevented you from giving their duplicates equipment)

– NOTE: You can only have 12 of each Gynoid, Gynoid Spellsword, Armatus, and Packhorse type before the game starts making duplicates again (these duplicates will not be compatible with follower overhauls)

* New automaton: Gynoid Flamesword – Gynoid variant that uses Gynoid Flamesword

* Renamed Gynoid Spellsword to Gynoid Stormsword

* Remade the Armatus automaton because I couldn’t figure out why the original Armatus couldn’t use weapons

– this new, remade variety of Armati should fight with any weapon you give them rather than fighting with their fists -.-

* Gave Armati their own armor so it wouldn’t be overwritten by other mods

– Only Armati can wear the following items without becoming invisible:

– Dwarven Armatus Boots, Dwarven Armatus Armor, Dwarven Armatus Gauntlets, Dwarven Armatus Helmet, and Dwarven Armatus Shield

– these items can be crafted on their own, or converted from regular Dwarven armor pieces (for example: bring a Dwarven Shield to a forge, and just convert it into a Dwarven ARMATUS Shield)

– Armati now have a variety of helmets to use 

– these helmets look different but have the same stats

* Armati now require Greater Soul Gems to build, rather than Common Soul Gems.

* Gynoid equipment is only equippable by gynoids now (anyone else who equips it becomes invisible)

– Power Claws are still equippable by both Gynoids and Deep Elves.

* Fixed Gynoid rebuild schematics so that Broken Gynoid Spellswords are rebuilt as Gynoid Spellswords, not regular Gynoids

* Fire Seeker will now only attack hostiles

* Seekers will engage hostiles upon deployment

– they will not wait for you to attack; they will initiate combat as soon as they are deployed

* Seekers now explode after 5 seconds even if they are not killed. The explosion affects you too! So don’t deploy unless you’re in combat

* Helots now use Dwarven Warhammers

Ordinator Patch

* Changed the name of the Magecrafter perk from Apprentice Magecrafter to Magecrafter

* Noted clearly in the Magecrafer perks’ description what Smithing and Enchantment skill level you need to unlock the next level.

0.9b RC 1.4

Main Mod

* Increased the effectiveness and cost of all repair spells

* Changed automaton overdrive FX to a red color

* Aetherial Power Armor now also requires 1 Aetherial Fuel Rod to be built

* Deathwing Tempests now also require 1 Aetherial Fuel Rod to be built

* Aetherial Fuel Rod added to leveled lists – 10% drop rate from dwarven boss chests

* added powered dwarven weapons to leveled lists – 50% chance from boss chests and 30% from large chests

* added 1 guaranteed Aetherial Fuel Rod drop to the Timelost Juggernaut, who is wearing Aetherial Powered Armor. 

– he can be found at the Mzulft Aedrome during the Revealing the Unseen quest

– you will probably need to choose whether to loot his power armor or the fuel rod if you don’t have enough inventory space

* increased weight of Aetherial Power Armor to 250

* reduced damage of Aetherial Warhammer 

* powered weapons, the Aetherial Powered Warhammer, Praetorians, and Ballistae now properly ignore armor

* Removed Deep Elf/Deep Elf Vampire requirement to unlock the Magecrafter perk

– now, non-Deep Elf characters can access the tree

– Magecrafter lvl 1 still requires Dwarven Smithing, though

* Added a two-handed version of the Aetherial Warhammer

– it can be converted back and forth between the 1H and 2H version for free

Extra Automatons Plugin (NEW!)

* Adds four additional craftable automatons: the Balespider, Bolt Spider, Drakon, and the Colossus.

– requires Skyrim Immersive Creatures and Mihail Dwarven Colossus 

0.9b RC 1.5

Main Mod

* Added two additional and increasingly powerful tiers of Dwarven Seekers: Volatile Seekers and Advanced Seekers. Higher tiers do more damage and have a higher blast radius. 

– Volatile Seekers require Magecrafter level 3

– Advanced Seekers require Magecrafter level 4

* All Seekers now require some kind of soul gem to assemble. See the Automaton Crafting Guide in the documentation for the required materials. Or just check ingame.

* Observers now require 1 Common Soul Gem to construct now, rather than 3 Common Soul Gems

* Fixed Armatus 11 and 12’s Relationship, which previously prevented them from being followers as they were not classified as allies to the player. 

* Infernal Centurions are a little shorter now. 

Extra Automatons Plugin

* Bolt Spiders now prefer ranged combat, and will hang back and shoot their crossbow

0.9b RC 1.6

Main Mod

* Added a yellowish, chimeri-looking skin color for the immersionologists who’ll probably complain about how dwemer aren’t supposed to look like drow

* Replaced the fourth skin color option with a bronze color

* Drakaines no longer disappear/become invisible when killed – you can see their corpses now

* Renamed several scripts to provide compatibility with TheBlackknight3000’s mods  

* Added a faction check to the Store Automaton option that requires you to dismiss an automaton follower before storing them

– previously, storing an automaton follower without dismissing it first resulted in the automaton being stored while still taking up a follower slot

– this is no longer possible as the Store option will not be displayed unless have been dismissed

* Added a debug notification that warns players to clear their gynoid’s/armatus’/packhorse’s inventory AND dismiss them BEFORE storing them

* Corrected some timeline inconsistencies in the documentation and in the mod text

* NPC’s will no longer think you’re naked if you’re wearing power armor

* Updated the starting books so that they reflect the new revisions to the documentation

* Added Dwarven Jump Charges

– craft Dwarven Jump Charges to rapidly recharge an inert automaton to its primed state 

– they function as ‘scrolls’, and are consumed when used

* Added the Recall Automaton and Mark Automaton spells

Extra Automatons Plugin

* Changed the Armatus model so it doesn’t use the goofy looking one that clips through its own body

Follower Plugin

* Changed Ashtaret’s face complexion to make her look younger (MARRY HER! lol) 

* Nizrok is no longer marriable to stay consistent with his background story 

* Nizrok can wear power armor

Main Changelogs




[Version 1.0]

* Initial release




ZwabberdieBo for the Veteran Skin male body textures

Fadingsignal for the SkySight Skins male body textures

urshi for the Fine Face Textures of Men[/url] face detail textures

Regenbot03 for the Demoniac UUNP and CBBE body textures

scivirius for the Clams of Skyrim CBBE Demoniac Texture Patch[/url]

LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty eye textures

Maevan2 for the Mature Skin Texture’s femaleheaddetail textures

Chris57 for the Better Males Body Textures

Dwarven Automaton Assets

TheBlackKnight3000 for Dwemer Automaton Crafting

Caliente for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Grohiik for Dwarven Mechanical Dragons

Anuiel for Dwarven Beards[/url]

MihailMods for Dwarven Power Armor and Dwarven Colossus

[/url]ECE Team, dimon99, Radioragae, REN, Peggy, NewSea, and SKS for the gynoid body and accessories

Edhildil for Dwemer Cyborg BBP

[/url]Vicn’s dwemer automatons from the Vicn Creature Pack

mahty for Dwemer over Technology resources

lifestorock for Skyrim Immersive Creatures[/url]

Other Mods

T3nd0 for Perkus Maximus

for Blink – Standalone Teleportation Spell[/url]

MurderWrath for Recall Followers

VectorPlexus, Smurf, and b3lisario for Schlongs of Skyrim[/url], and their ‘How to make an SOS Plugin guide’

Halofarm for Halo’s Poser[/url], which I used to pose my characters in the screenshots above

Apachii for ApachiiSkyHairs[/url]

Kalilies for KS Hairdos – Renewal


SKSE Team for SKSE[/url], and their scripts

Dwarven Astrolabe Emblem

Made by Redshiftja with Photoshop CS6[font=Arial]


Special thanks to:

TheBlackKnight3000 for Dwemer Automaton Crafting because one of the primary features of this mod wouldn’t be possible without his help and work

anime slush puppy, BARANLANKA, JesterAx, coffeelemental, and sodapopcool for helping beta-test my mod before release

TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility and all his help (I wouldn’t have been able to get this mod working without him)

StackEmHigh for his guides on Creating a Playable Race (I wouldn’t have been able to put this mod together without them)

r/SkyrimMods/ for helping me with my scripts and making my mod work as intended

If you like this mod, please Endorse it!

And if you take any cool screenshots, feel free to add them to the gallery!

Thanks! 😀



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